Date: 19.06.2023

by Bartosz Burzyński

A breakthrough for sports betting in Brazil?

Just over a month after the issuance of the precautionary measure (PM), which should regulate the online betting sector, there could be a breakthrough and thus the introduction of new regulatory rules in Brazil.


A month ago, the Ministry of Finance sent the documentation to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. According to information from O Globo newspaper, the publication in the Official Journal is expected to take place by the end of June this year. The federal government’s preference for the prime minister stems from the fact that the regulations come into effect immediately.

Currently, there are about three thousand betting sites in Brazil, but all are hosted abroad. It is estimated that these operators are moving about 10 billion reals out of the Land of Coffee.

According to the documentation after the change of regulations, sports betting will be taxed at a scale of 16% on the revenues of all betting companies. In addition, the precautionary measure will also cover measures for both, the control, and fraud prevention in sport. All players will be identified in a special system.

Who will control?

The Ministry of Finance intends to create a new department that will deal with online betting matters. The purpose of this secretariat will be to collect information about online betting.

Another intention of the federal government is to introduce mechanisms that will help limit excessive gambling. The Ministry of Health will be involved, which will launch a special phone number for players particularly vulnerable to gambling addiction.

Another option is to create a form of help with mental health professionals from SUS. In this case, however, it will be necessary to wait longer for the introduction of this system.