by Mateusz Mazur

Allwyn Partners with 0xCollection to Unveil Dvořák Dreams at Dvořák Prague International Music Festival

In an exciting new collaboration, Allwyn has joined forces with 0xCollection, a visionary initiative focused on shaping the future of art by cultivating and preserving contemporary digital artwork.

Extending the legacy

The partnership’s debut showcase will take place at this year’s Dvořák Prague International Music Festival, featuring a captivating data painting commission titled “Dvořák Dreams,” crafted by acclaimed Turkish-American digital artist Refik Anadol.

Allwyn’s alignment with 0xCollection resonates with its core mission of generating opportunities and positive impacts for all. This partnership extends Allwyn’s legacy of innovation across the technology sector, spanning from operational domains to the realm of contemporary art. It underscores Allwyn’s dedication to championing prestigious and distinctive cultural endeavors.

“Dvořák Dreams” pays homage to the enduring legacy of Antonín Dvořák, the renowned Czech composer. The artistic creation will be on display from September 8th to 13th at the Dvořák Prague International Music Festival—a significant annual event in Prague that celebrates Dvořák’s profound cultural influence.

Custodian of cultural heretige

Additionally, Allwyn is proud to sponsor 0xCollection’s inaugural exhibition, titled “Synesthetic Immersion,” scheduled to run from September 7th to October 19th at the Arts Space at Borislavka, Prague. This exhibition will feature the works of eight prominent new media artists, exploring the fusion of culture and technology.

Following these showcases, both “Dvořák Dreams” and selected pieces from the 0xCollection are slated to embark on a global tour throughout 2024 and 2025, sharing their innovative vision with diverse audiences worldwide.

Commenting on the collaboration, Robert Chvátal, CEO of Allwyn Group, stated: “Allwyn is exceedingly proud of its reputation for fostering cultural heritage and supporting diverse talent, and our partnership with the 0xCollection is yet further testament to this. We are a company that aims to sit at the forefront of innovation, and we apply the same approach to our partnerships, marrying Allwyn’s novel thinking with similarly creative organisations to make a positive contribution to society.”

Elle Anastasiou, Director of the 0xCollection, expressed gratitude for Allwyn’s support, stating: “On behalf of 0x, I am immensely grateful for Allwyn’s generous support of the 0xCollection debut in Prague, and without them this would not have been possible. Working between leaders in technology and art is at the very heart of our interdisciplinary mission, and through Allwyn’s support, we have been able to further our commitment to public display and education surrounding our current era of technological and artistic brilliance.”

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