by Mateusz Mazur

Aristotle Integrity Partners with IDVerse to Enhance Data Verification for U.S. Gaming Industry

Aristotle Integrity, a leading data verification service in the U.S. gaming industry, has established a partnership with IDVerse, a world-leading digital ID verification company, to streamline player onboarding and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes.

Aristotle Integrity Partners with IDVerse to Enhance Data Verification for U.S. Gaming Industry

IDVerse’s generative AI-powered solution is seamlessly integrated into the Aristotle AutoDoc orchestration platform, offering an entirely automated process.

Seamless Document Scanning and Verification

IDVerse’s AI technology enables users to quickly scan over 16,000 globally issued ID documents, populating the user’s gaming profile or web form with the relevant information while simultaneously conducting fraud screening. This integration ensures best-in-class document processing, face biometrics, and verification services.

The partnership enables swift onboarding of new players to Aristotle Integrity and ensures secure reauthentication of loyal players for actions like account changes or cashouts. Operators gain access to IDVerse’s capabilities in over 23 U.S. states and territories, as well as globally through Integrity’s international gaming operator clients.

Combating AI Bias and Ethical Data Sourcing

Addressing AI bias and ethical data sourcing is a significant concern for iGaming companies with a global customer base. IDVerse’s Zero Bias AI™ technology utilizes generative AI to provide a solution for this issue, producing “goodfakes” as a defense against deepfakes and synthetic media. This ethically sourced training data ensures transparency and compliance while expanding the potential player base.

IDVerse’s technology has undergone rigorous testing conducted by NIST-accredited labs, including iBeta and BixeLab. The testing is based on globally recognized biometric standards, such as TDIF, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). This level of testing certification sets IDVerse apart from other ID verification companies.

Our comment on the article

The partnership between Aristotle Integrity and IDVerse is set to enhance the data verification and KYC processes for the U.S. gaming industry.

By incorporating IDVerse’s advanced AI technology, this collaboration aims to provide quick, accurate, and ethical verification services, combatting AI bias and expanding the player base while ensuring compliance with stringent standards.


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