by Mateusz Mazur

BetConstruct Introduces Bet Easy: A Game-Changing Cross-Platform Mobile Betting Solution

BetConstruct, a leading innovator in the iGaming industry, has unveiled Bet Easy, a revolutionary cross-platform solution designed to enhance the landscape of mobile betting and gambling applications.

BetConstruct Introduces Bet Easy: A Game-Changing Cross-Platform Mobile Betting Solution iGamingExpress

This cutting-edge solution caters to both iOS and Android users and offers a seamless user experience without the need for separate development teams for each operating system.

Unified UI/UX for All Mobile Devices

Bet Easy sets itself apart from traditional native app development by streamlining the process. With Bet Easy, a single team can create a unified user interface and user experience across all mobile devices, significantly elevating the user experience and reducing development complexity.

Bet Easy goes beyond simple app development by providing a wide range of integration options. Partners can effortlessly implement Casino & Sportsbook functionality, Betinsights, Recommender, Chats, and robust Personalization and Socialization tools directly into their platform. The integration process is designed to be intuitive and user-centric, simplifying the implementation of these advanced features.

Rapid Setup with Flutter Feature

One of Bet Easy’s standout features is its “flutter” capability, which enables simultaneous development across multiple platforms. This accelerates the app setup process, allowing partners to launch their platforms in as little as 4-5 weeks. This agility empowers partners to stay ahead of the competition and meet the rapidly evolving needs of their users.

BetConstruct remains committed to enhancing user interaction, engagement, and gamification aspects within the iGaming market. Bet Easy represents another milestone in their innovative solutions, setting new standards and elevating the industry.

BetConstruct’s Bet Easy is poised to transform the mobile betting and gambling landscape, offering partners a streamlined and efficient way to deliver exceptional experiences to users on both iOS and Android platforms.

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