Date: 24.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:44

Blokotech Launches Cutting-Edge iGaming Platform for Casino and Sportsbook Operators

Blokotech, a prominent B2B iGaming software supplier with a global presence, has officially unveiled its new platform designed to offer a diverse array of services for online casino and sportsbook operators.

Blokotech’s Player Account Management (PAM) Bloko Platform is positioned to cater to operators seeking top-quality service with a focus on setup, speed, stability, and security.

Key Features of Bloko Platform

The Bloko Platform boasts several standout features, including a powerful bonus engine, segmentation engine, CMS engine, and CRM engine. Notably, the platform supports multi-currency and multi-wallet options to facilitate worldwide expansion programs for operators.

Operators can choose to use the Bloko Platform or their own PAM and opt for Bloko Suite, Blokotech’s content aggregator. This aggregator covers casino, live casino, sports betting, and lotto products. It integrates 72 game providers and offers 11 different sports solutions. Bloko Suite provides operators with a streamlined approach to accessing various payment methods and casino products through a single-point integration.

Market Focus and Rigorous Testing

Blokotech’s Bloko Platform and Bloko Suite have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their long-term success in nuanced markets, including South America, Africa, and India. The company’s global senior team brings extensive localized experience in the iGaming and technology sectors, particularly in the Latin American region.

Salvatore Messina, Co-Founder and General Manager of Blokotech, emphasized the high customizability of their platform, stating “Blokotech’s highly customisable platform is designed for our partners to create and use the services needed to succeed in a competitive landscape. Our roots are in LatAm, where we have consolidated our dominant position, but our future target markets will be Brazil and India during the rest of the year. Our platform provides seamless access to best-in-class tech tools and premium content to grow within a diverse range of regulated markets. Our experienced investment team is backing the business to keep us on a steady forward trajectory.”

Our comment on the article

Blokotech’s launch of the Bloko Platform and Bloko Suite marks a significant step forward in the iGaming industry. The platform’s rich feature set, coupled with its adaptability, positions it to meet the diverse needs of operators. The rigorous testing and experience of Blokotech’s team in key regions contribute to the platform’s potential for success in Latin America, Africa, India, and beyond.