Date: 31.08.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Bragg Gaming Group Expands Content Distribution in Italian Market

Bragg Gaming Group has made a strategic move by expanding its content distribution reach in Italy, a significant player in the European online gaming landscape.

Collaborating with Snaitech, a prominent operator in Italy’s regulated gaming sector, Bragg Gaming Group is poised to offer a diverse array of premium online casino game titles to Italian players.

Italian Market Advancement

This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Bragg Gaming Group introduces over 30 highly sought-after online casino game titles to the Italian market. These games, meticulously localized and certified for the Italian audience, encompass titles from Bragg Studios’ prestigious brands such as Atomic Slot Lab and Indigo Magic. Snaitech’s extensive customer base can now access these captivating gaming experiences.

Italy holds the distinction of being Europe’s second-largest regulated online gambling market. The projected online casino revenues for 2023 are anticipated to reach an impressive US$2.4 billion, as forecasted by H2 Gambling Capital. This strategic expansion underscores Bragg Gaming Group’s determination to establish a foothold in this flourishing market.

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Lara Falzon’s Insight

Lara Falzon, President and Chief Operating Officer at Bragg Gaming Group, emphasized the significance of the company’s foray into the Italian market earlier in the year, stating “Our launch into the Italian market earlier this year underpins our unwavering commitment to bring our diverse, player-centric content to the heart of the globe’s premier regulated online gaming destinations.”

“Aligning with Snaitech, allows us to introduce our extensive and exclusive content portfolio to a brand new audience, and we are confident that our games will resonate and entertain.”

Bragg Gaming Group’s expansion in the Italian online gaming market through its partnership with Snaitech reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and reaching new horizons. As Italy’s regulated online gambling sector continues to thrive, Bragg’s introduction of diverse and captivating game titles is set to captivate Italian players, contributing to the company’s global growth trajectory.