Date: 24.10.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:44

Citizen Rebrands to Yaspa, Focusing on Payment Services in the Growing Paytech Landscape

Citizen, a prominent provider of payment services to the iGaming industry, has unveiled its rebranding as Yaspa. This rebranding effort was inspired by an exploration of words related to payments and money, aiming to reflect the company’s role in the evolving paytech landscape.

The new name, Yaspa, encapsulates the concepts of “pay” and “ASAP” (as soon as possible), highlighting the company’s quick and efficient payment solutions.

Transition to the New Brand

The company’s website, now operating under, is live and operational. Operators and merchants that offer Yaspa’s payment method are undergoing a transition to the new brand.

This rebranding represents an evolution for the company while retaining its core team and payment services.

Insights from Company Leadership

Kate Marsden, Chief Marketing Officer at Yaspa, expressed her enthusiasm for introducing Yaspa to the world. She said “I’m delighted to be introducing Yaspa to the world: same team, same payments, new name. The constituent letters of the new brand reflect what we do, ‘pay’, and how we do it, ‘ASAP’, and it also has a friendly and approachable feel that reflects our business customers’ experience of working with us.

“It took us a long time to find the name that suited us, but I’m thrilled at where we’ve ended up. Yaspa is short and simple – like our payment method – and works beautifully across multiple languages.”

James Neville, co-founder and CEO of Yaspa, explained the rationale behind the rebranding, stating “When the business was launched as Citizen back in 2017, the focus was on developing trusted identities for individuals – citizens. Open banking has been a central part of delivering that data, and building that trust, and we have seen significant success on the payments side.

“As consumers continue to become more familiar with open banking payments, and begin to recognise their favourite payment methods, we decided to develop a new name that was unique to us.”

The rebranding decision was supported by a YouGov survey, revealing that, especially among the under-50s, Yaspa was perceived as a more memorable brand for online payments compared to Citizen.

Summary and Implications

The rebranding of Citizen to Yaspa reflects the company’s emphasis on payment services in the evolving paytech landscape. The new name, Yaspa, is chosen to align with the company’s quick and efficient payment solutions while resonating with customers across multiple languages. This rebranding aims to better position Yaspa in the competitive field of payment services and enhance its recognition among users.