by Mateusz Mazur

CT Interactive Expands Its Reach in Bosnia and Herzegovina Through Partnership with MD Shop

CT Interactive, a renowned provider of online gaming content, has announced an exciting partnership with MD Shop, a leading player in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s online gaming industry.

CT Interactive Expands Its Reach in Bosnia and Herzegovina Through Partnership with MD Shop iGamingExpress

This strategic collaboration aims to elevate the gaming experience for players in the region by offering them access to CT Interactive’s exclusive portfolio of games.

Bringing Premium Gaming Content to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Through this partnership, CT Interactive will make its extensive portfolio of games available to MD Shop, a prominent supplier in the Bosnian and Herzegovinian online gaming market. This move is set to significantly enhance the gaming landscape in the region.

Players in Bosnia and Herzegovina will now have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of games from CT Interactive. The portfolio includes popular titles such as Aztec Gold 20, Champagne and Fruits, Fire Egg, Hit the Hot, 20 Mega Slot, Lizard Blizzard, Purple Fruits, Shining Treasures, Coffee Magic, and the award-winning Win Storm, which was honored with the Online Game of the Year Award at the BEGE Awards 2022.

A Commitment to Excellence

MD Shop is dedicated to providing the best gaming experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By partnering with CT Interactive, they aim to fulfill their expansion plans and solidify their position as a top supplier in the country. CT Interactive’s exceptional gaming content is seen as a valuable addition to help achieve these goals.

Milena Tsankarska, Head of Business Development at CT Interactive, expressed her pride in the partnership with MD Shop, stating “CT Interactive is proud to announce that its content will become available on the platform of MD shop, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We see a lot of potential in the brand, and we will continue to follow its development and provide it with our latest games”

Filipović Sretan, Head of Operations of MD Shop, highlighted the significance of CT Interactive’s award-winning gaming content in their expansion strategy, stating “We want to be among the best suppliers in the country, and we know that this would be impossible without the amazing gaming content of CT Interactive. Their award-winning products are just what we need to fulfill our expansion plans.”

Expanding Opportunities for Gaming Enthusiasts

This partnership between CT Interactive and MD Shop signifies the continued growth and expansion of online gaming in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Players in the region can anticipate a richer and more diverse gaming experience, thanks to CT Interactive’s captivating portfolio of games.

In summary, the collaboration between CT Interactive and MD Shop is set to make a significant impact on the Bosnian and Herzegovinian gaming landscape, providing players with more exciting options and contributing to the thriving online gaming industry in the region.

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