Date: 03.07.2024

by Sebastian Warowny

Last update: 03.07.2024 10:27

Danish Gambling Authority Gains Enhanced Powers to Regulate Operators

The Danish Gambling Authority, Spillemyndigheden, now has increased capabilities to deal with problematic operators thanks to an updated Gambling Act framework.

Strengthened Regulatory Powers

First signed in May and enforced on 1 July, the new bill gives Spillemyndigheden additional powers to unlock stricter gambling controls over licensed entities that have been found to be in breach of the country’s gambling code. The increase in Spillemyndigheden’s regulatory capacity is reflected in the newly acquired “improved sanctioning options,” which present the ability to issue orders that include specific requests that operators must implement into their working models going forward.

With the new framework, any failure to comply with given deadlines or order requirements may result in a sanction, the filing of a police report, or in extreme cases – the revocation of a licence. This decisive step demonstrates Denmark’s commitment to maintaining and responsible gambling environment. By granting Spillemyndigheden enhanced powers, the Danish government ensures that gambling operators adhere to strict regulatory standards, thus safeguarding consumers and maintaining the integrity of the market.

Additionally, Spillemyndigheden can now operate with an extended data processing authority that allows for a more thorough gambling data analysis and therefore improved segmented targeting of risks and issues within the space. This enhancement in data processing capabilities will enable the authority to identify and address potential risks more efficiently, ensuring a safer gambling environment for all participants. The ability to analyze data more comprehensively will also help in identifying trends and patterns that may indicate problematic behavior, allowing for proactive measures to be taken.

Preparation for Double Licensing System

All in all, it looks like Denmark’s focus on deploying tighter measures across its gambling landscape is to prepare the country for the launch of its double licensing system for operators and suppliers, with the new application process going live in September. The introduction of the double licensing system marks a significant shift in Denmark’s regulatory approach, ensuring that both operators and suppliers are held to the same high standards. This system is designed to enhance transparency and accountability within the industry, promoting a fair and competitive market.

“In the new version, the requirements of the current certification programme are split up, so that it is clear what the operator and the game supplier, respectively, are responsible for,” Spillemyndigheden commented. This clear delineation of responsibilities is expected to streamline the certification process, making it easier for both operators and suppliers to comply with regulatory requirements.