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Enteractive Partners with Spinwise to Revive Lapsed Players Across Global Brands

Enteractive Partners with Spinwise to Revive Lapsed Players Across Global Brands iGamingExpress

Enteractive, a leader in player conversion and reactivation services, has teamed up with Spinwise, a prominent operator with multiple brands operating in global markets. The partnership aims to reactivate lapsed players and rekindle their engagement with Spinwise’s various brands.

Campaign Kickoff in 2022

Spinwise initiated campaigns with Enteractive in 2022, beginning the partnership with the Winnerz brand. Recognizing Enteractive’s personalized retention and reactivation services as vital, Spinwise expanded the collaboration to include their latest brands, Wisho and Trickz. This move aimed to enhance player retention and loyalty through Enteractive’s proprietary (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform.

Enteractive’s (Re)Activation Cloud platform enables seamless integration of selected player databases and facilitates real-human one-to-one outreach by phone. Native-speaking sales agents engage with players in each market, employing a personalized approach to customer relationship management (CRM). Responsible gambling practices are integrated into this approach as a standard feature.

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Combination of technology and reactivation agents

Peter Kovisars, CEO at Spinwise.com, said “At Spinwise, we take fun seriously, so Enteractive is the perfect partner for reaching players who need a more personalised approach to renew their entertainment with our brands. In order to maximise potential LPV across all our player segments, Enteractive will target those audience segments which we’ve seen will respond better to more direct and personal engagement.”

Andrew Foster, Chief Business Officer at Enteractive, said “We’re excited to be working with Spinwise as their iGaming brands are quickly making inroads in a number of global markets. They see the untapped potential of the lapsed player accounts, and Enteractive has the right mix of technology and reactivation agents to make a considerable difference in active player revenues.”

Enteractive’s partnership with Spinwise reflects the growing importance of reactivation and retention strategies in the iGaming industry. By targeting lapsed players with personalized engagement, both companies aim to optimize revenue generation and foster player loyalty across Spinwise’s global brands.

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