Date: 11.07.2024

by Adam Dworak

Last update: 11.07.2024 10:26

Evolution Anticipates Fewer Than 500 Employees Joining Georgia Strike

According to, Evolution expects fewer than 500 employees from its Georgia operations to participate in a strike on Friday, July 12, following unsuccessful negotiations with the trade union. According to Carl Linton, Evolution’s head of investor relations, the union provided a list of eligible strikers, which represents a small fraction of the over 8,000 employees in the Tbilisi studio.

Minimal Operational Impact Expected

Linton assured in conversation with, that the strike is not anticipated to significantly impact the studio’s operational delivery.

Evolution, which operates more than 20 studios worldwide, is equipped to handle operational challenges in any single studio, ensuring continuity of services despite the strike.

Allegations and Initial Strike Plans

The strike emerges amid serious allegations of poor working conditions at Evolution’s office and live gaming studio in Tbilisi.

Georgian media reports indicated that the union initially planned a much larger strike involving up to 5,000 employees, demanding improved working conditions, labor rights, and higher wages.

Reports also cited claims of unsafe and unsanitary conditions, managerial harassment, and inadequate pay at Evolution’s Georgian facilities.

Recent Negotiations and Union Claims

Evolution recently concluded a dialogue with the local union, representing a small segment of the workforce, and a government-appointed mediator.

Despite these discussions, no agreement was reached, leading the union to make several public claims. Linton emphasized Evolution’s commitment to following established local processes and laws to resolve the conflict.

Commitment to Addressing Allegations

In response to the allegations, Evolution has pledged to investigate claims of managerial misconduct thoroughly.

The company remains dedicated to ensuring a safe and fair working environment for all employees and will continue to address and rectify any valid concerns raised during the ongoing dispute.

The strike and the allegations highlight ongoing tensions between Evolution and a segment of its workforce in Georgia, drawing attention to broader issues of labor rights and working conditions within the industry.