by Mateusz Mazur

Federal deputy advocates new approach to sports betting to combat result manipulation in Brazil

Federal deputy Júlio Arcoverde, president of the sports betting CPI, has expressed his support for a new model to reform the sector.

The new model of sports betting?

Arcoverde believes that certain elements of the game, such as corners, cards, and penalties, should be excluded from bets to reduce the possibility of result manipulation. He suggests adopting a similar model to that of France, where betting on football accessories is prohibited.

Arcoverde proposed the creation of a regulatory agency in Brazil to oversee the implementation of this new model. He aims to ensure the integrity of betting activities and protect the interests of bettors and society as a whole. According to Arcoverde, the responsibilities of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) extend beyond imposing punishments. He emphasizes the importance of developing regulatory projects and strengthening supervision in the betting industry.

France as an example

“The CPI has to not only focus on punishment but also be propositional. We can work alongside the Ministry of Finance to prepare a bill that establishes regulations for the sector. France, for example, has a regulatory agency for betting. We are studying various proposals and observing global trends because this is not just a problem in Brazil,” stated Arcoverde.

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The sports betting CPI, chaired by Arcoverde and with rapporteur Felipe Carreras, gained attention following recent events involving the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO). The MPGO has denounced 16 individuals for alleged interference in the results of 13 football matches, including games from last year’s Brazilian Championship and this year’s state competitions.

As a result, several players have been removed from their clubs due to suspicions of involvement in the betting-related scheme. These incidents highlight the urgency of conducting thorough investigations and implementing effective regulations in the sports betting industry.

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