by Mateusz Mazur

FruitFellas on Tinder: GameBeat Studio Kicks Off a Unique Campaign

In the fiercely competitive world of iGaming, standing out from the crowd has become an increasingly daunting task. But GameBeat Studio is showing the industry how to do just that. The provider launched a truly unique campaign at the end of last week, leaving everyone talking about their unconventional approach.

Outside-the-box thinking

While most gaming companies invest heavily in traditional advertising and partnerships, GameBeat Studio is thinking outside the box. Their new campaign involves one of the world’s most popular dating apps, to engage with potential players in a new and unexpected way.

Soňa Sverdlová, Head of Marketing at GameBeat Studio, shared insights into the concept behind their groundbreaking campaign. “FruitFellas on Tinder – that’s an experimental and unique marketing activity by GameBeat. That’s one of the examples of our creative approach not only to games’ creation but also to marketing communications.

“We’ve registered three accounts and targeted them to three main GEOs of ours. The audience was as narrow as possible: it was important for us to see what is literally a portrait of our player. Like many other providers, we know the figures, but we don’t know many other variables. For example, do women between 40 and 45 years old from Queensland have dogs or cats? What colors do they prefer? What are their hobbies? The better you know your audience, the better you make the games for them. And we reckon to bet exactly on quality.”

Our comment on the article

By infiltrating the world of online dating, GameBeat Studio is demonstrating the importance of thinking creatively in a crowded marketplace. The emphasis GameBeat Studio also places on getting to know the players, which seems really crucial for iGaming companies.

If GameBeat’s gamble on Tinder pays off, it may inspire other providers to think beyond the expected and venture into uncharted territory. It’s a daring move that highlights the need for innovation and adaptability in the ever-evolving iGaming landscape.



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