Date: 12.06.2024

by Adam Dworak

Future Anthem and Just Slots Unite to Revolutionize Online Gaming

Future Anthem, a leading AI and data science innovator, has joined forces with Just Slots to bring the Optimise module from Amplifier AI to Tequity’s renowned remote gaming server (RGS).

Enhancing Game Development

The Optimise module, a crucial component of Anthem’s flagship product Amplifier AI, empowers Just Slots to leverage data-driven insights for game development. By utilizing Optimise, Just Slots can refine their game portfolio and establish themselves as a prominent brand in the competitive online gaming industry.

Recent enhancements to Optimise enable it to process billions of bets, creating AI-driven player clusters that offer a deep understanding of player behavior. This advanced capability allows Just Slots to tailor their games to various player segments, ensuring a more engaging and personalized gaming experience.

With Optimise, Just Slots can monitor game launches and measure performance with unprecedented precision. The feedback loop created by this data-driven approach feeds back into the development process.

Amplifier AI’s Scalable Features

As Just Slots pursues ambitious expansion plans, Amplifier AI’s scalable features will be instrumental in their growth. The ability to measure and analyze game performance will enable Just Slots to focus on enhancing their portfolio of top-tier products.

Optimise will be available to Just Slots through Tequity’s RGS, following a partnership between Future Anthem and Tequity established in January. This integration offers personalization tools to a network of studios, further enhancing the capabilities of game developers.

Industry Leaders’ Perspectives

Ian Tibot, Chief Commercial Officer of Future Anthem, expressed his enthusiasm: “As part of our collaboration with Tequity, Just Slots is the latest provider to benefit from our leading technology that helps to analyze and personalize every step of the player journey. We are delighted to begin working with such an ambitious developer. We have no doubt that Optimise will provide invaluable insight that allows Just Slots to focus on creating brilliant games.”

Christine Parkhill, Chief Commercial Officer of Just Slots, highlighted the significance of data utilization: “Despite data being underutilized in the gaming industry, Just Slots is proud to champion an innovative approach to commercial campaign targeting and product development. Future Anthem’s AI technology will allow us to make data-driven decisions to gain an edge in an incredibly competitive market as we look to diversify our product offering and expand our player base.”

Krzysztof Opałka, CEO and CTO of Tequity, commented on the partnership: “Partnering with Future Anthem has given many of Tequity’s valued customers access to industry-leading AI personalization solutions through our first-class remote gaming server. Just Slots is the latest provider to entrust Future Anthem with delivering unrivaled machine-learning capabilities as they look to optimize and streamline the game development process.”