by Mateusz Mazur

Future Anthem Releases Playbook: ‘How Sportsbooks Can Lead with AI’

Future Anthem, a pioneering AI and data science company, has launched a highly anticipated playbook titled “How sportsbooks can lead with AI.”

This playbook underscores the urgency for sportsbooks to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) as an essential component for ensuring long-term profitability in an increasingly competitive landscape.

The AI Imperative

The playbook highlights the critical importance of sportsbooks taking the lead in AI adoption. AI is becoming indispensable in delivering personalized experiences, and it’s crucial for sportsbooks to move AI from their roadmap into the hands of players.

Created by the team behind Anthem’s Amplifier AI, a market-leading personalization product, the playbook outlines three key steps for sportsbooks to follow in adopting AI. It offers practical guidance on making AI a reality in sports betting operations.

Future Anthem CEO’s Perspective

Future Anthem CEO Leigh Nissim emphasizes the rapid rise of AI in entertainment and the high expectations it has created among consumers, stating “We have witnessed a meteoric rise in the use of artificial intelligence in entertainment with the likes of Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon all offering ultra-personalised experiences, creating super-high consumer expectations.

“There’s no doubt in our minds that the sports betting industry is next – the sector sits at the perfect intersection of media, leisure, and e-commerce. The race to real-time personalisation is on – we’re urging sportsbooks to get ahead of the pack with this playbook to find out how they can win.

“Our ambition was to create a practical guide filled with highly specific and actionable tips and tactics, that can be easily incorporated one step at a time. We are confident that our brand-new playbook will help guide decision-makers across the industry in adopting AI into their daily operations to navigate this new journey with confidence.”

Benefits of AI Adoption

The playbook delves into the proven benefits of AI implementation, including uplifts in various aspects of the player journey, such as increased Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), player retention, and open rates. It aims to simplify the process of AI integration for sportsbooks, making it accessible and manageable.

Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI has processed approximately 700 million sports bets in the past year across diverse behavioral profiles, countries, and platforms. The company has closely collaborated with leading operators, witnessing the growing adoption of AI as sportsbooks leverage data and AI technologies to personalize player experiences in real-time.

Step-by-Step Approach

The playbook provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach to implementing AI, covering aspects such as aligning AI with strategic objectives, identifying successful use cases with rapid returns, measuring effectiveness, building a business case for CFO approval, and deciding whether to build AI capabilities in-house or purchase them.

In conclusion, Future Anthem’s playbook serves as a practical guide for sportsbooks looking to lead with AI in a competitive market. It highlights the tangible benefits of AI adoption and provides actionable steps to make AI integration more accessible for sports betting operators.

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