Date: 14.06.2024

by Adam Dworak

Gambling Regulator Warns Against Illegal Betting as Euro 2024 Approaches

As the excitement builds for Euro 2024, Germany’s gambling regulator, Gemeinsamen Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL), together with Federal Drug Commissioner Blienert, has issued a stark warning to customers about the dangers of engaging with illegal gambling operators.

Anticipated Surge in Betting Activity

The GGL anticipates a significant increase in betting activity as soccer fans gear up for the tournament. This expected surge has raised concerns about the potential rise in gambling through unlicensed operators. The allure of high-stakes betting can often lead players to seek out platforms that operate outside the legal framework.

Illegal gambling operators pose substantial risks to players. The GGL emphasizes that these operators lack the necessary safeguards that legal, licensed operators must adhere to. This deficiency increases the vulnerability of players, including minors, to various forms of harm. Such unlicensed platforms often do not have the proper mechanisms in place to protect against addiction, fraud, and unfair practices.

Encouragement for Legal Options

To mitigate these risks, the GGL strongly advises players to engage only with legal gambling operators. Legal operators are bound by stringent regulations designed to protect players and ensure fair play. “Legal operators are required to comply with strict regulations to ensure player protection,” the GGL stated.

For players to verify the legitimacy of an operator, all whitelisted companies are listed on the GGL’s official homepage. Legal operators must display their license information and the GGL’s inspection seal prominently on their websites. This transparency ensures that players can trust the platforms they are using.

In addition to choosing legal operators, the GGL encourages players to stay informed about the regulatory guidelines provided by the GGL and other authorities. Even with extensive sports knowledge, betting carries inherent financial risks. Being well-informed can help players make safer and more responsible betting choices.