by Mateusz Mazur

iGaming Platform Unveils Strategic Vision and Senior Leadership Team

iGaming Platform (iGP), a leading provider of iGaming solutions, has announced its long-term strategic vision and introduced key members of its new senior leadership team following a recent rebranding initiative.

Significant transformation

Over the last year, iGP has undergone significant transformations under the leadership of Chief Operations Officer Matthew Calascione. His strategic ideation approach has been instrumental in driving innovation, attaining a competitive edge, and fostering growth within the company.

Calascione has gained a wealth of experience that has shaped his vision. He has managed his family office and worked at Crane Currency, a renowned American banknote producer, where he held various positions for five years, including Director of Strategic Projects and Director of Contract & Supply Management.

Based on his extensive experience, Calascione has a profound comprehension of the significance of trust when it comes to online products and services. He understands that brands must emphasize a customer-centric approach, prioritize a secure digital experience, and keep pace with regulatory changes to succeed in the technology-driven business landscape.

Data-driven approach

iGP is prioritizing a data-driven approach that highlights the importance of a well-planned winning strategy, clear communication, and informed decision-making through data capture. This approach has gained support from stakeholders and fostered a shared sense of purpose towards achieving our company’s goals through continuous improvement.

The newly appointed senior leadership team includes esteemed industry professionals, with Magdalena Broda assuming the role of Managed Services Director and Luka Markota serving as Operations Director.

Reiterating the company’s new strategic direction, Matthew Calascione, Chief Operations Officer at iGP, stated, “Building a seasoned leadership team within a tight timeframe has been a challenge, but thanks to talent movement in the industry, we have capitalized on the opportunity to bring in exceptional individuals. Each new team member brings a unique combination of skills, expertise, and perspectives that significantly contribute to our overall success.”

Calascione added, “We will thoroughly examine every aspect of the business, continuously refining our processes to leave no room for doubt about our expectations. I firmly believe that we are currently the industry’s best-kept secret, and we have a fantastic opportunity to showcase who we are and what we are capable of to the world.”

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