Date: 03.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:42

IGT Reinvents South Dakota Lottery Experience with Innovative Payout Solution

International Game Technology PLC (IGT) has once again underlined its role as a pioneer in the gaming industry by enhancing the South Dakota Lottery with a revolutionary payout system.

Digitizing Lottery Payouts

The recent contract extension ensures that IGT’s influence will continue to shape the lottery experience in South Dakota until 2031.

This new phase introduces the ‘Scan and Redeem’ solution, a forward-thinking technology that simplifies the prize collection process for lottery players, allowing them to scan their winning tickets and directly transfer their earnings to their bank accounts via ACH transfer.

A Legacy of Leadership and Innovation

IGT’s commitment to creating immersive and ethical gaming experiences spans various channels and regulated sectors, from lottery systems to digital gaming avenues.

With a global footprint in over 100 jurisdictions and a workforce of roughly 10,500, IGT stands out for its deep-rooted industry insights, technological excellence, and a track record of fostering growth and player engagement through innovation.

Strengthening Player Trust and Convenience

The integration of IGT’s ‘Scan and Redeem’ service addresses the logistical challenges faced by South Dakota Lottery players, offering them a secure and expedited method to claim winnings.

Norm Lingle, the South Dakota Lottery Executive Director, highlighted the convenience this solution brings, stating “By introducing IGT’s Scan and Redeem functionality, South Dakota Lottery offers players the opportunity to have expanded options to receive their winnings, rather than needing to drive several hours to a redemption center or wait for checks to be delivered in the mail. IGT has been our trusted growth partner for nearly 15 years, and we are pleased to extend this successful partnership for five more years, providing more convenient lottery solutions to our players.”

Jay Gendron, IGT’s COO of Global Lottery, affirmed the company’s dedication to advancing lottery technology, stating “IGT’s Scan and Redeem component offers enhanced player options to better accommodate the South Dakota Lottery and its players. Our lottery technology is backed by decades of lottery industry leadership and incorporates the most secure, reliable and responsible functionality. Over the course of this extension, we are confident that the Lottery will continue to benefit from our advanced solutions, resulting in increased funds for the State’s good causes.”

Our Comment on the Article

IGT’s contract extension with the South Dakota Lottery is not just a continuation of a long-standing partnership but a stride into the future of lottery gaming. The ‘Scan and Redeem’ solution is a testament to IGT’s ethos of embracing technology to enhance player convenience and trust.

This move is likely to set a precedent for lotteries nationwide, emphasizing the need for digital transformation in the gaming industry to support customer needs and contribute to public funds. It’s a strategic enhancement that benefits all parties involved and reinforces IGT’s position as a leader in gaming innovation.