by Mateusz Mazur

J3ster.gg Expands Betting Offerings with New Bet Types Ahead of Full Launch

J3ster.gg, an innovative live-streaming betting platform, is introducing two new types of bets as part of its ongoing beta phase and in preparation for its upcoming full launch.


These new bet types aim to enhance the betting experience for viewers and streamers on the platform.

New Bet Types

Roulette-Type Bet: Players can now place bets on whether their chosen streamer will achieve an even or odd number of kills in games like Valorant or Call of Duty: Warzone. Correct predictions result in monetary winnings.

Predetermined Range of Kills: Viewers can bet on streamers to reach a specific number of kills within a predetermined range. If successful, they have the option to withdraw their full winnings, gift part of the prize to the streamer, or gift the entire amount.

Existing Bet Categories

These new bet types complement the existing categories, allowing players to continue betting on various aspects, including the number of kills and streamer match outcomes.

J3ster.gg aims to provide a dynamic and engaging platform for both bettors and content creators. The platform continues to innovate and expand its offerings as it moves closer to its full launch.

The platform has attracted top Twitch creators, such as Forbidden.gg and ASMRPunk, who see it as an exciting way to monetize their streams.

Kevin Des Lauriers, CEO at J3ster.gg, expressed excitement about introducing these new bet types, stating “We’re thrilled to be introducing even more bet types and advance J3ster.gg. These new options add an extra element of fun, giving both bettors and streamers more dynamic ways to play.

“We continue to innovate as we progress towards the full launch, and we look forward to seeing more content creators discover the groundbreaking ways we enable them to further monetise their streams.”

J3ster.gg’s introduction of new bet types enhances the betting experience for users and content creators on its platform. By offering a variety of betting options and continuously innovating, J3ster.gg aims to provide an engaging and rewarding environment for both bettors and streamers as it moves toward its full launch.


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