Date: 25.06.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.06.2024 12:57

Juroszek Family Increases Stake in Gaming Innovation Group

The Juroszek family has bolstered its investment in Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG). Their various family-controlled entities, including the MJ Foundation FR, Betplay Capital Foundation, and ZJ Foundation, have amassed a considerable number of shares, positioning them as the primary shareholder in the company.

GiG Triumphs in Q3 2023 with Record Revenues and Strategic Growth

Breakdown of Acquisitions

With these acquisitions, the Juroszek family now holds a total of 33,722,302 shares, which represents 25.06% of GiG’s total shares.

  • MJ Foundation FR: Acquired 6,069,375 shares
  • Betplay Capital Foundation: Purchased 1,348,750 shares
  • ZJ Foundation: Added 6,069,375 shares

The Juroszek family’s investment makes them the largest shareholder in GiG, surpassing other major stakeholders. The shares were acquired from SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited, further solidifying the family’s commitment to the iGaming technology company.

Statement from Mateusz Juroszek

Mateusz Juroszek, a prominent figure in the family’s business ventures, expressed his confidence in GiG’s potential: “GiG is one of the most attractive and interesting iGaming companies on the public market. My family’s involvement in Gaming Innovation Group has been long-standing and long-term. We see great potential in this company and in the industries in which it operates. As a family, we should be the ones to stand up and show our commitment – we want to be the biggest shareholders as we believe in the businesses.”

He also highlighted the family’s active participation in the company’s management, noting his role on the Board of Directors of Gentoo Media, the future media division, and his brother Tomasz’s position on the Board of Directors of the future Sportsbook & Platform company.

Founded in 2012, GiG provides a range of solutions, products, and services to iGaming operators. The company, headquartered in Malta, is dual-listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: GIG) and Nasdaq Stockholm (ticker: GIGSEK). GiG is planning a corporate split in Q3 2024 to streamline its operations and enhance its market position.