Date: 08.07.2024

by Adam Dworak

Labour’s Election Victory and the Future of the UK Betting and Gaming Industry

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has expressed its support for Labour’s decisive victory in the recent General Election and has committed to collaborating with the new government to foster a world-class betting and gaming industry.

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Labour’s Commitment to Responsible Gambling

Before the election, Labour’s manifesto highlighted a commitment to working with the industry to enhance standards of responsible gambling. This pledge aligns with the BGC’s goal of maintaining the UK’s reputation as a leader in the betting and gaming sector.

The recent regulatory changes, stemming from the 2023 White Paper, are the most extensive in a generation and have been supported by both the BGC and Labour.

Key Reforms and Industry Response

The White Paper introduced several key reforms aimed at strengthening consumer protections and ensuring the industry’s sustainability. These include:

  • A statutory levy to address problem gambling and related harms.
  • The establishment of an Ombudsman for better consumer redress.
  • Online financial risk checks to prevent excessive gambling.
  • New stake limits for online slots.
  • A Sports Sponsorship Code.
  • Modernisation proposals for land-based casinos.

The BGC and its members are dedicated to implementing these evidence-based, proportionate reforms, which are designed to protect vulnerable individuals while supporting responsible gaming.

Economic Contributions and Employment

Michael Dugher, Chair of the BGC, emphasized the industry’s significant economic contributions and its role in supporting 110,000 jobs. The sector generates £4.2 billion in tax revenue and contributes £7.1 billion to the UK economy.

Additionally, BGC members provide essential funding to popular sports, including £40 million to the English Football League, £350 million to horseracing, and over £12.5 million to snooker, darts, and rugby league.

Moving Forward with Certainty

With Labour now in power, the BGC anticipates a stable political environment conducive to long-term planning and investment. The industry is poised to continue its efforts to elevate standards and ensure robust protections for consumers.

Dugher highlighted the importance of maintaining a balance between safeguarding vulnerable individuals and allowing responsible bettors to enjoy their activities without undue interference.

“The BGC and our members remain committed to working with Labour to implement the evidence-based, proportionate, regulatory changes outlined in the White Paper, ensuring those measures get the balance right between protecting the vulnerable, while allowing the vast majority of punters who enjoying betting responsibly to continue doing so without unnecessary intrusion”, stated.

Continued Partnership with Labour

The BGC has long viewed Labour as a prospective governing partner, having worked closely with shadow ministers in recent years. This relationship is set to continue as the industry and government work together to implement the White Paper’s reforms and support the sector’s growth and investment.

The Labour Party’s election victory heralds a new era for the UK’s betting and gaming industry. Through continued collaboration, the BGC and its members are committed to driving up standards, protecting consumers, and ensuring the sector remains a significant contributor to the UK economy.