Date: 12.06.2024

by Adam Dworak

Landmark Deal Between SIS and bet365 Enhances eSoccer Offering

SIS (Sports Information Services), the leading content supplier of 24/7 live betting services, has solidified its long-term partnership with bet365 through a landmark deal to deliver its comprehensive eSoccer portfolio across all regulated markets.

Expansion of eSoccer Portfolio

The integration of SIS’s complete suite of H2H Global Gaming League™ eSoccer matches into bet365’s platform is set to significantly increase betting opportunities. These additions are proven to maximize both engagement and margin, providing a valuable enhancement to bet365’s already robust offerings.

Paul Witten, Managing Director EMEA at SIS, highlighted the positive impact of this integration: “We are very pleased to launch our eSoccer product as part of our long-term partnership with bet365. It is evident that customers have taken to our fast-paced, highly competitive short-form action and engage with the many available betting opportunities and we expect this to continue with the integration of our complete Competitive Gaming offering across regulated markets.”

Strengthening Global Competitive Gaming

This agreement significantly boosts SIS’s Competitive Gaming portfolio, which already features live eBasketball events. The addition of eSoccer contests means that more than 150,000 events will now be accessible on bet365’s online platform, establishing it as a leader in the sports betting industry.

SIS’s H2H Global Gaming League™ is meticulously designed for sportsbooks, delivering superior margins and adding up to 10% in value for operators. Professional gamers participate in all eBasketball and eSoccer matches, which are produced entirely in-house at SIS’s secure studios based in the UK.

Integrity and Safety Standards

One of the standout features of SIS’s Competitive Gaming is its adherence to the highest standards of integrity and safety. This product is the only one on the market to have been awarded the Esports Integrity Commission’s (ESIC) Gold Standards, the highest possible accreditation. This ensures unmatched levels of integrity and safety in the industry, with trained referees overseeing every contest.

For bet365, the integration of SIS’s eSoccer portfolio represents a strategic enhancement of its global offering. The addition of over 150,000 eSoccer events, along with the existing eBasketball matches, provides bettors with an extensive range of betting opportunities.

Professional gamers play a crucial role in SIS’s Competitive Gaming offerings. These matches, whether in eBasketball or eSoccer, are produced with a high level of professionalism and security, ensuring a seamless and engaging betting experience for users. The involvement of professional gamers also adds a layer of authenticity and excitement to the betting events, making them more appealing to a broader audience.

Market Impact and Future Prospects

The deal between SIS and bet365 is a significant development in the sports betting industry. It showcases the potential of eSports and Competitive Gaming as viable and lucrative additions to traditional sports betting. As the industry continues to evolve, collaborations like this are likely to set new standards and drive further innovation.

The landmark agreement between SIS and bet365 to deliver a comprehensive eSoccer portfolio is a testament to the growing importance of eSports in the betting industry. With the addition of over 150,000 events, bet365 is poised to offer an unmatched betting experience, while SIS continues to solidify its position as a leader in competitive gaming content.