Date: 18.06.2024

by Adam Dworak

OpenBet Reinforces Partnership with Danske Spil to Enhance Sports Betting Solutions

OpenBet has announced the extension of its enduring partnership with the Danish national lottery, Danske Spil. This continuation builds on a solid relationship that has flourished for over 11 years, marking a new chapter in their collaborative efforts to revolutionize sports betting experiences.

Enhancing Sports Betting Platforms

Under the renewed agreement, OpenBet will further develop Danske Spil’s omnichannel sports betting offerings, leveraging its state-of-the-art technology and expansive trading content. The deal ensures that Danske Spil will benefit from OpenBet’s Managed Trading Services (MTS), providing high-quality, dedicated 24/7 global coverage for its sportsbook operations.

Additionally, the integration of OpenBet’s Trading System with Self-Trade functionality for football will empower Danske Spil with increased flexibility and control over sportsbook content, further enhancing the operator’s service capabilities.

Commitment to Excellence

OpenBet’s role extends beyond a service provider, as it continues to be a pillar of innovation and reliability among World Lottery Association (WLA) members globally. Currently, OpenBet’s technologies and compliance tools are operational with 18 WLA members, underscoring its leadership in the market.

Nikos Konstakis, Chief Operating Officer at OpenBet, emphasized the significance of the ongoing partnership: “Our long-standing partnership with Danske Spil has always been about pushing the boundaries of innovation in sports betting. The new expanded agreement is testament to the partnership and commitment of both teams working towards a shared vision across Danske Spil and OpenBet.

“The introduction of our Managed Trading Services marks another important step towards that shared goal. We look forward to continuing driving unparalleled value to Danske Spil and its customers.”

Jens Nielsen, Sports Betting Director of Danske Spil, also reflected on the evolution of their collaboration: “OpenBet has been a close partner of Danske Spil since 2013 and remains very important for us in continuously achieving our ambition of delivering the strongest, most user friendly and entertaining sports betting experiences possible to our clients. With the extended agreement, we look forward to expanding the partnership by including new services.

“OpenBet will thus continue to play a pivotal role in our strive to meet the evolving needs of our players. We are in a good position to further evolve our online and retail offering, bringing the safest and most interesting products to our loyal customer base.”