Date: 28.06.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Peter-Paul de Goeij Steps Down as Director of NOGA

The Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA) has announced that Peter-Paul de Goeij will step down as director, effective July 1. De Goeij, who has served NOGA since 2019, will be leaving his role due to his emigration from the Netherlands.

Interim Leadership

Eric Konings, involved with NOGA since 2022, will take over as interim director. He will be supported by Frans van Steenis, the former chief executive of Staatsloterij.

Remko de Boer, chairman of the NOGA board of directors, expressed gratitude for De Goeij’s contributions, highlighting his role in transforming the organization from SpeelVerresponsible to NOGA, thereby strengthening its representation of member interests during a tumultuous period for the industry.

De Goeij reflected on his tenure, noting the hectic but rewarding nature of the past few years, particularly the opening of the Dutch online gaming market. He emphasized the ongoing commitment of the sector to safe and responsible gaming as the best way to ensure consumer protection.

Strategic Reorientation for NOGA

NOGA sees De Goeij’s departure as an opportunity for strategic reorientation. This reorientation will address current challenges within the Netherlands’ online gaming sector and outline the future direction of the organization.

Eric Konings, in his interim role, intends to work closely with Van Steenis to navigate this strategic shift. He acknowledged the significant challenges the industry faces in the current political and social climate and expressed his commitment to helping NOGA members overcome these obstacles. Konings also mentioned the importance of organizing the representation of the industry’s interests in a sustainable and future-proof manner.

Frans van Steenis emphasized the need for better cooperation and clarity within the gaming sector. He aims to build bridges between licensed providers, policymakers, and society to enhance the overall cooperation and understanding of gambling issues in the Netherlands.