Date: 29.04.2024

by Adam Dworak

Last update: 08.05.2024 10:55

Playtech Expands iPoker Network into Czech Republic with Fortuna Partnership

Playtech has announced its collaboration with Fortuna Entertainment Group to introduce the iPoker network to Czech players.

The entry of Playtech’s iPoker network into the Czech Republic is particularly notable as it brings poker games under the banner of Fortuna Entertainment Group for the first time.

This move is set to enrich the Czech poker scene by providing access to Playtech’s vast and diverse international liquidity pool, which includes players from around the globe. Fortuna’s clientele in the Czech Republic will benefit from a wide array of poker games, characterized by a high-quality playing experience and advanced poker products.

Growth and Opportunities

The iPoker network has seen significant growth over recent years, and the addition of Fortuna is expected to sustain this upward trend. The Czech Republic, known as a vibrant hub for live poker tournaments, hosts numerous prestigious events annually in cities like Prague and Rozvadov.

Executive Insights

Marat Koss, VP of Interactive Gaming, Poker at Playtech, expressed enthusiasm about the new venture, stating, “We are delighted to be partnering with Fortuna to expand our iPoker network into the Czech market. Playtech is committed to providing a high-quality player experience through its cutting-edge poker product and continuous innovation. Together with Fortuna’s continued success and significant growth trajectory as the leading betting and gaming operator in Central and Eastern Europe, this partnership will offer a modern, seamless, and engaging user experience for Fortuna’s players.”

Echoing this sentiment, Myke Foster, Group Head of Gaming & Commercial Strategy at Fortuna Entertainment Group, commented on the quality of Playtech’s poker product: “Poker has a significant presence in the Czech market with an established player base and we are impressed by the quality of Playtech’s poker product. We see tremendous potential in this product and are confident it will deliver an exceptional and modern user experience to our customer base. We have had a very successful partnership with Playtech over the years and we look forward to watching this partnership continue to grow from strength to strength.”