by Mateusz Mazur

PokerStars VR Transforms into Vegas Infinite

Flutter unveiled the rebranding of PokerStars VR, a groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) product under the PokerStars brand, as Vegas Infinite.

PokerStars VR Transforms into Vegas Infinite iGamingExpress

This transformation is part of a comprehensive overhaul of the free-to-play social casino videogame. After nearly five years at the forefront of its category as PokerStars VR, Vegas Infinite marks the evolution of the game into a virtual entertainment destination of the next generation.

A New Virtual World

The launch of Vegas Infinite introduces players to a brand-new and tailor-made 3D virtual cityscape. Within this captivating world, players can explore personal player suites, indulge in luxury casinos, and escape to exclusive rooftops. Excitingly, Vegas Infinite will soon be accessible on a new platform, allowing PC players to join others on Steam VR and Meta Quest VR, all without the need for a VR headset.

Flutter takes pride in driving product innovation across its global portfolio of brands. Through its distinctive Flutter Edge approach, where product and technology capabilities are shared across the group, brands like PokerStars can consistently enhance their offerings by integrating expertise and insights from other parts of Flutter.

Continual Evolution

Since its initial launch in 2018, PokerStars VR has undergone continuous development. It initially allowed players to gather around a virtual poker table, engage in real-time conversations, and interact with various environments. This progress has accelerated since Flutter’s acquisition of the brand in 2021.

The team has expanded the in-game portfolio to include blackjack, roulette, slots, craps, and the exclusive Rocket Rush. They’ve introduced features such as Spin & Go poker, MTTs (Multi-Table Tournaments), and the flagship poker tournament series, the Metaverse Poker Tour (MPT). The virtual destination now boasts personal suites, dressing rooms, a luxury casino floor at Casino One, The Gallery casino reserved for high-rollers, and The Rooftop—a subscriber-only retreat with breathtaking views of the Vegas Infinite cityscape.

Player Safety and Moderation

Player safety has remained a central focus during development. Vegas Infinite employs ToxMod, an AI live chat monitoring tool, to support its dedicated moderation team. Players are equipped with a range of in-game safety tools, including the ability to take breaks from games, set spending limits, file player reports, and customize their interaction levels with other players within the game.

James O’Reilly, PokerStars Director of VR & Innovation, commented on the journey: “As we approach our fifth anniversary, it’s incredible to think how far our game has come. From a cutting-edge experiment in applying virtual reality to the poker table, we’ve grown to become a living entertainment destination with a full suite of games and experiences played in otherworldly environments that are home to an avid community of players. Today, we’re much more than poker and much more than VR. Vegas Infinite is where we’re taking our players next, and there’s lots more in store.”

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