by Bartosz Burzyński

“Raising awareness is crucial to make a safer gambling environment”

As part of Responsible Gaming Week, we talked to Responsible Gaming Analyst at Videoslots, Thea Juul.

You are a Responsible Gaming Analyst at Videoslots. What exactly do you do?

As a responsible gaming analyst, I monitor and review the daily activity on accounts. If I find concerning activity or potential increased activity which could indicate higher risk, I will contact the player to check up on their recent activity to ensure they are still playing within a comfortable and affordable level. I would either do this by contacting the different players by phone or e-mail.

Is it easy to detect a player who is particularly vulnerable to gambling addiction?

Some cases can be easier to detect than others. The profile of each customer is unique, so determining their individual level of risk hinges on some important risk indicators. Some of these we can identify through their profile, like age group, increased activity, lack of withdrawals among others, however, some can only be detected in personal interactions. These can occur either through chat, for example when interacting with customer service, or through care calls from our end – in any case, the player might highlight or open up about some facts that might affect them in a way to make them more vulnerable.

How to talk to players who may be at risk of gambling addiction?

When having a call with a player that could be at risk of gambling addiction, it’s important to relate to them and make them comfortable talking. It’s important to use active listening, let the player tell their story without too many interruptions and let them lead the conversation as we don’t want to push anything on them. If I then detect any vulnerabilities or risk factors, I would inform them of my concerns along with making them aware of specific tools that are offered in the jurisdiction the player comes from.

How important are the principles of responsible gaming to your company?

As we are a regulated company, of course a big focus is put on responsible gambling. For me and the team, it is one of the most important departments in any iGaming business, creating both trust for the players and a safety net in case things take overhand.

How do you evaluate an initiative such as ours when it comes to Responsible Gambling Week?

Raising awareness is crucial to make a safer gambling environment not the exception, but the norm for players. A fallback net is something the different regulators have intended, such as adding regulatory limits, to keep players safe from the adverse effect gambling can have on some players – so spreading the message and raising awareness can only be applauded.



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