by Mateusz Mazur

Rightlander Partners with Trade Nation to Enhance Affiliate Marketing Compliance

Rightlander, a prominent affiliate marketing compliance platform, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Trade Nation, an internationally acclaimed broker.

Rightlander Partners with Trade Nation to Enhance Affiliate Marketing Compliance iGamingExpress

This collaboration aims to ensure that all affiliate websites associated with Trade Nation adhere to partnership guidelines and local regulatory standards, enhancing the performance of their global affiliate program.

Ensuring Compliance with Cutting-Edge Technology

Rightlander’s state-of-the-art technology will conduct a comprehensive audit of Trade Nation’s online affiliate content. It will actively identify websites that misrepresent the brand or operate without proper authorization. Any identified infractions will be centralized in Rightlander’s online customer portal, enabling Trade Nation to address and resolve issues promptly. This process safeguards brand integrity, mitigates untimely complaints, and ensures that only authorized entities promote Trade Nation’s services.

Trade Nation’s collaboration with Rightlander reflects its commitment to providing a consistent and high-quality user experience. It also demonstrates their dedication to compliance with the specific regulations and guidelines governing affiliate activities.

Comments from Trade Nation and Rightlander

Tony Sharpe, Chief Strategy Officer at Trade Nation, stated, “Our partnership with Rightlander aligns perfectly with our mission to maintain global brand standards and adhere to local advertising regulations. We aim to optimize the performance of our affiliate program as well. This collaboration represents a proactive step toward safeguarding both our brand and our customers from undesirable experiences and potential fraud,”

Jonathan Elkin, Sales Director at Rightlander, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “Our ultimate goal is to provide them with the tools they need to maintain brand integrity and compliance. With increasing regulatory scrutiny in various markets, our platform will enable Trade Nation to stay ahead of the curve and focus on what they do best—providing a high-quality trading experience to their customers.”

The partnership between Rightlander and Trade Nation signifies a commitment to compliance, brand integrity, and providing a superior trading experience for customers in the affiliate marketing arena.

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