Date: 08.07.2024

by Sebastian Warowny

Last update: 08.07.2024 09:24

Samuel Eto’o Fined $200,000 for Endorsing 1XBET

Samuel Eto’o, Cameroon football chief and former FC Barcelona star, has been exonerated of match-fixing allegations by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). However, he has been handed a substantial fine of $200,000 for his involvement as a brand ambassador for the bookmaker 1XBET.

Insufficient Evidence for Match-Fixing Charges

CAF stated on Thursday that there was insufficient evidence to find Eto’o and Valentin Nkwain guilty of match manipulation. However, Eto’o’s violation of CAF’s ethics, integrity, and sportsmanship principles by endorsing 1XBET, led to the fine.

“Mr Eto’o was facing charges of alleged manipulation of football matches and violating the principles of ethics and integrity”.

“The Disciplinary Board ruled that as it stands, there is insufficient proof to find Mr Samuel Eto’o Fils and Mr Valentin Nkwain guilty of match manipulation”.

“However, the Disciplinary Board found Mr Eto’o to have seriously violated the principles of ethics, integrity and sportsmanship as provided in Article 2 paragraph 3 of the CAF Statutes by signing a Brand Ambassador contract with the company 1XBET in exchange for remuneration and consequently fined Mr Eto’o an amount of 200,000 USD”.

Eto’o’s Promotion of 1XBET Sparks Controversy

In spring 2023, Eto’o, as the Fecafoot boss, promoted 1XBET, highlighting exciting bonuses and safe betting experiences on social media. This move raised controversy as FIFA‘s code prohibits any involvement in betting or gambling activities by football administrators. Violations can result in heavy fines and bans from the sport.

CAF had launched an investigation into Eto’o over match-fixing allegations last summer. Although cleared of these charges, Eto’o was penalised for his ambassadorial role with 1XBET, which recently renewed its sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona, one of Eto’o’s former clubs.