by Mateusz Mazur

SEGA SAMMY Expands Reach with Strategic Acquisition of GAN Limited

SEGA SAMMY has announced a definitive agreement to acquire GAN Limited, a well-positioned SaaS provider for U.S. casino operators and a B2C online gaming operator in Europe and South America.

SEGA SAMMY Expands Reach with Strategic Acquisition of GAN Limited

The acquisition, set to be completed by a specially formed company in Bermuda, is a significant move for SEGA SAMMY in the international gaming market.

Mutual Agreement and Future Prospects

The decision, supported by GAN’s Board of Directors, paves the way for a cooperative transition.

Completion of the acquisition hinges on approval from GAN’s shareholders, regulatory clearances, and other standard conditions.

With the expectation to finalize the deal by the third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2025, this marks a substantial expansion for SEGA SAMMY’s global operations.

Our Comment on the Article

SEGA SAMMY’s move to acquire GAN Limited is a clear indicator of its ambition to strengthen its foothold in the global gaming industry.

This acquisition promises to leverage GAN’s established presence in the U.S., European, and South American markets, complementing SEGA SAMMY’s comprehensive gaming portfolio.

The amicable nature of the deal suggests a seamless integration process ahead, offering potential for innovation and growth in the company’s B2B and B2C services. This strategic decision could well position SEGA SAMMY as a powerhouse in the international gaming landscape, with a broader reach and enhanced capabilities.


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