by Mateusz Mazur

Sportsbet.io Extends Partnership with Sports Broadcast Media for 2023/24 Football Season

Sportsbet.io Extends Partnership with Sports Broadcast Media

Sportsbet.io, the sports betting brand under the Yolo Group, announced the renewal of its partnership with Sports Broadcast Media (S:B:M) for the 2023/24 football season.

The collaboration centres around Clubhouse TV, an innovative live-stream content service developed by S:B:M for Sportsbet.io. This in-play audiovisual platform integrates sports journalism, real-time data, audience interaction, and dynamic odds, enhancing the overall betting experience.

Enhanced Coverage and Engagement

As the 2023/24 football season unfolds, Clubhouse TV will provide comprehensive 24/7 coverage, delivering over 1,000 hours of live content from prestigious tournaments such as the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and other upcoming projects. The partnership’s renewal is grounded in the positive outcomes achieved during the previous season, particularly in customer acquisition and retention.

Results from the 2022/23 season demonstrated that Clubhouse TV viewers remained on the Sportsbet.io site 70% longer than non-viewers. Audience engagement levels soared between 900-2000%, accompanied by an average of 82% more bets placed by viewers. These remarkable statistics underscore the effectiveness of Clubhouse TV in fostering deeper engagement and trust among Sportsbet.io’s customers.

An Evolution of Content

To further elevate the viewer experience, S:B:M has introduced enhancements to Clubhouse TV for the new football campaign. These include transitioning from pre-recorded weekly vodcasts to interactive live shows, featuring additional live streamed content from Kick.com, and launching new social media channels.

The extension and enhancement of Clubhouse TV’s offerings align with Sportsbet.io’s commitment to providing unparalleled customer experiences. The collaboration supports the brand’s mission to stand out by offering engaging content, fostering community, and building trust among its customers.

Forward Momentum

The partnership renewal with S:B:M is indicative of Sportsbet.io’s dedication to delivering top-tier content and engaging betting experiences. As the new season unfolds, both companies are poised to continue their journey of innovation and customer-centric offerings, solidifying their position within the dynamic sports betting industry.

Joe McCallum, Managing Director of Yolo Entertainment, said: “We’ve been really impressed by the quality of outputs delivered by S:B:M for Clubhouse TV, and likewise we’re extremely pleased with the results that the service is delivering. It was an easy decision to extend the contract for the 2023/24 season.

“Clubhouse TV fits perfectly with our business model of providing an unrivalled customer experience that allows us to stand out from the crowd.

Sportsbet.io’s decision to renew its partnership with Sports Broadcast Media reflects the success of its collaboration in enhancing customer engagement and retention through Clubhouse TV. With a focus on high-quality live-streamed content, this partnership aims to create lasting value for customers, contributing to an unrivalled betting experience that aligns with Sportsbet.io’s commitment to excellence.

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