by Mateusz Mazur

Star Entertainment Fined $140,000 for Breaching Casino Regulations in Queensland

Star Entertainment, a well-known casino operator, has been handed a substantial fine of $140,000 and court costs for its failure to comply with casino regulations in Queensland.

Need to implement appropriate measures

The company admitted to a total of 11 charges that occurred at its Treasury Brisbane casino and Star on the Gold Coast between 2017 and 2022. The breaches were not minor, with one patron allegedly charging a staggering $20,000 on gambling chips using their credit card.

The prosecutor emphasized the importance of responsible gambling and the critical need for casino operators to implement appropriate measures. The breaches committed by Star Entertainment were significant and could send the wrong message about responsible gambling to patrons.

The defence lawyer representing Star Entertainment argued that the violations were not intentional but rather the result of human error. The defence attempted to downplay the gravity of the infractions committed by the casino operator.

Massive fine

One notable incident involved a customer being allowed to purchase gambling chips with a credit card after claiming the payment was from a personal account. The transaction was processed through a savings account, and the staff only realized a credit card had been used after issuing the receipt. Similar incidents involving the same patron and staff occurred four times.

When determining the penalty for Star Entertainment, the court considered factors such as the company’s early guilty plea, self-reporting of the offences, and its own investigation into the incidents. Star Entertainment’s thorough internal investigation played a significant role in the final decision.

Currently, Star Entertainment is under a 12-month supervision order by a special manager in Queensland alone. This order follows a state government investigation that resulted in a massive $100 million fine for the company for neglecting its gaming duties.

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