Date: 20.06.2024

by Adam Dworak

Svenska Spel to Report Revenue from Lower-Risk Players

Svenska Spel, a leading name in the gambling industry, will begin reporting its share of revenues from players with a “lower risk” of harmful gambling behavior. This move, spearheaded by President and CEO Anna Johnson, aims to set a new benchmark for responsible gambling within the industry.

Commitment to Responsible Gambling

Anna Johnson has emphasized that Svenska Spel strives to be a gambling company that not only adheres to laws and regulations but also sets a high standard for responsible gambling. To demonstrate this commitment, the company will start including the percentage of healthy income in its interim reports, beginning with data for Q2 2024 to be published in August.

“This means that we show how much of our revenue comes from customers with a lower risk of gambling problems – customers who are in control of their gambling,” Johnson explained.

This initiative reflects the company’s continuous efforts to strengthen responsible gambling measures and to implement “new, powerful measures” aimed at further increasing the share of healthy income.

Addressing Industry Reputation

Johnson acknowledged the gaming industry’s long-standing poor reputation regarding responsible gambling practices. She believes that increased transparency can help demonstrate the industry’s ability to act responsibly and rebuild trust.

Svenska Spel’s reporting will be based on risk models from its tool Playscan, ensuring accuracy and reliability in identifying lower-risk gambling behavior.

Industry-Wide Practices

Svenska Spel is not alone in this endeavor. Other gambling companies with licenses in Sweden have also started reporting metrics related to responsible gambling. Kindred Group, for instance, began publishing its share of overall revenue derived from harmful gambling behavior in February 2021, aiming to provide greater transparency.

In October 2022, Svenska Spel, along with ATG and Kindred, started to publish data on dangerous gambling behavior among their customers. However, these reports do not include the share of revenue from these customers, making Svenska Spel’s new approach unique in its focus on healthy income.

Advocating for Standardized Reporting

“We, at Svenska Spel, have long worked for an industry-wide method for measuring healthy revenues,” Johnson stated. Despite many efforts, the company was unable to establish a standardized method.

Johnson expressed hope that Svenska Spel’s decision to move forward independently would spark a renewed discussion in the industry about a common way to measure and report healthy income.