Date: 25.06.2024

by Adam Dworak

Swedish Gambling Authority Investigates Kanon Gaming Limited

The Swedish Gambling Authority, Spelinspektionen, has initiated an investigation into online gaming provider Kanon Gaming Limited, citing issues with the company’s record-keeping practices. The probe aims to determine if Kanon Gaming’s loss disclosure procedures adhere to Sweden’s Gambling Act.

Focus of the Investigation

The investigative efforts will center on whether Kanon Gaming Limited’s processes for disclosing player losses comply with the regulations stipulated by the Swedish Gambling Act. Kanon Gaming Limited operates several licensed websites, including,,, and

Reports have emerged indicating that Kanon Gaming might have insufficient player protection measures. Allegations include failure to intervene and prevent customers exhibiting risky behavior from continuing to gamble. This lack of intervention is a significant concern, as it potentially exacerbates gambling-related harms among vulnerable players.

Age Group Distinctions

Another critical aspect of the investigation is the absence of differentiated treatment for various age groups among Kanon Gaming’s customers. The company currently does not distinguish between players over the age of 24 and those between 18 and 24.

Research has shown that younger adults, particularly those between 18 and 24, are more susceptible to gambling-related problems. By not tailoring their approach to these distinct age groups, Kanon Gaming might be neglecting necessary precautions to protect younger, more vulnerable players.

If the investigation finds Kanon Gaming in violation of the regulations, the company could face a penalty of up to SEK 7 million (approximately £530,000).

Gambling Trends in Sweden

The context of this investigation is a Swedish population with a high rate of gambling participation. A study by Spelinspektionen revealed that 75% of respondents had gambled at least once in the past year. Despite this high participation rate, there is a commendable level of awareness regarding gambling harm prevention tools, with 65% of respondents possessing solid knowledge of these measures.

Additionally, the majority of Swedish players (69%) express satisfaction with the harm reduction measures currently applied by licensed gambling operators. This indicates that, while there are concerns about specific operators like Kanon Gaming, the overall industry efforts to mitigate gambling-related harms are viewed positively by the public.