Date: 18.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 18.09.2023 11:53

The Rising Prominence of the Anjouan License in the iGaming Landscape

In 2023, the Anjouan license has emerged as one of the most prominent topics of discussion within the iGaming community. This sudden surge in interest can be attributed to the transformative reforms in the Curaçao gambling licensing system, which have left many operators seeking new licensing options.

The Rising Prominence of the Anjouan License in the iGaming Landscape iGamingExpress

In response to these changes, the Anjouan license has gained considerable attention, and Slotegrator is here to shed light on the key reasons behind this shift.

Curaçao Reforms Fuel Industry Questions

When Curaçao announced substantial changes to its licensing framework in 2023, the iGaming industry was left with a multitude of questions regarding the most suitable licensing options for market entry. Amid this uncertainty, the spotlight has increasingly turned to the Anjouan license.

Anjouan is now offering gambling licenses to operators worldwide, a jurisdiction that had previously been somewhat underrated. However, in light of recent developments, it is capturing the attention of more and more iGaming stakeholders.

A Brief History of Anjouan Licensing

In 2005, the Computer Gaming Licensing Act 007 of 2005 came into effect, establishing the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board (ABGB). This regulatory body possesses the authority to issue gambling licenses. While it remained relatively unnoticed until recently, the Anjouan license has gained recognition for its cost-effectiveness and straightforward application process.

One of the primary advantages of the Anjouan license is its versatility. It covers all forms of gambling, allowing operators to obtain a single permit to offer a wide range of gambling products, including online casino games, sports betting, poker, and B2B services. This flexibility is a significant advantage for operators seeking a streamlined licensing solution.

Global Reach

Furthermore, the Anjouan license boasts a global reach, permitting licensees to operate in most parts of the world. Exceptions include the USA, Australia, Austria, the Comoros, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK. Nevertheless, the license offers a broad geographic scope.

Several additional benefits accompany the Anjouan license:

  • Low licensing fees
  • Rapid license issuance, typically within three weeks
  • 0% GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) tax for operators
  • A straightforward application process
  • Annual license renewal

Ayvar Gabidullin, Business Development Manager at Slotegrator, comments, “It’s very convenient to work with the Anjouan license. Terms are clear, and conditions of entry are available, so it’s time to catch the best moment. Slotegrator has already learned the license application process, so we’ll be happy to help everyone to get the Anjouan license”

In conclusion, the Anjouan license has gained prominence in the iGaming industry due to its affordability, versatility, and global applicability. As operators seek new licensing solutions in response to changing regulations, Anjouan has emerged as a compelling choice for those looking to navigate the evolving landscape of iGaming.