Date: 02.07.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 02.07.2024 09:50

“We want our complete product range to be seen by the widest possible audience”

In the interview with iGaming Express, Martin Stålros, CEO of Relax Gaming shares insights into Relax Gaming’s growth, strategic initiatives, and commitment to delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences worldwide.

Congratulations on being recognized as one of the most influential people in the iGaming industry by iGaming Express. How does it feel to receive such recognition?

Thank you very much! To receive any type of accolade or recognition is a tremendous feeling. There are so many inspirational, hard-working people across the industry and I am honoured to have been recognised as one of the most influential. I am very lucky to have such a talented team at Relax behind me, this is as much for them as it is for me.

You have been with Relax Gaming for nearly a decade and have recently taken on the role of CEO. What are some of the key milestones and achievements during your tenure at the company that you are most proud of?

One thing that stands out is the growth of the company. When I joined almost a decade ago, there were less than 30 people working at the company and now that number stands at more than 300.

Together we have built something to be incredibly proud of and worked to succeed and better our company, creating the outstanding reputation that we have. The pandemic taught us about adaptability and allowed us the opportunity to reinforce to our staff the trust we have in every one of them. We aimed to integrate a healthy work-life balance and I can honestly say everyone went above and beyond as they truly delivered during difficult times for everyone around the world.

As well as the changes and progression of our attitude towards work, we have introduced revolutionary mechanics and tools that have set us apart. They have altered the way operators view content and how they can resonate with the playing audiences.
The creation of the Dream Drop Jackpot stands out as a key moment for the company and the jackpot has gone from strength-to-strength, so far creating 16 millionaires in just two years.

Relax Gaming has seen significant growth and expansion into new markets, such as Ontario and New Jersey. Can you share your strategic vision for further expanding Relax Gaming’s market presence?

We can now add Pennsylvania to those two markets you have mentioned, where we have just gone live with with BetMGM, marking another incredibly exciting step for us.

In addition to the regions we are already live in, we are paying close attention to Michigan and Delaware. There will undoubtedly be more in the pipeline as the market continues to expand.

We firmly believe that the US has fantastic potential, and we have a long-term growth mindset in place to make the most of that. We are realistic in our expectations, and also highly optimistic that we can mirror the unparalleled success we have enjoyed in Europe over the last few years.

Under your leadership, what are some of the new innovations and features we can expect from Relax Gaming in the coming years?

Relax has been consistent in providing cutting-edge, nuanced products and content and I am certainly looking forward to seeing that continue. Our teams work tirelessly to bring audiences the latest innovations that will result in enjoyable and immersive player experiences.

You only have to look at the success of Dream Drop since its launch in 2022 to see our track record of delivering the most creative products in the industry. We know what resonates with players and we will continue to bring innovation to them.

Relax Gaming has formed numerous strategic partnerships, such as with BetMGM and local brands in Europe and Latin America. How do these partnerships align with your long-term goals for the company?

Partnering with leading brands around the world highlights the appeal of our content and validates the hard work put in by everyone here at Relax. We want our complete product range to be seen by the widest possible audience and these relationships go a long way in assisting with that.

Being endorsed by local operators is just as important to us. We take great pride in being given a stamp of approval by brands who deeply understand specific markets and believe our content will resonate with their audience.

Looking ahead, what are your primary goals for Relax Gaming over the next years, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Long-term, my main goal is to maintain Relax’s values that we have created as a company. With more than 300 members of staff working across offices around the globe we have been fortunate enough to call upon some of the best and brightest minds iGaming has to offer. This diverse mixing pot of passion, creativity and skill has led to some of the best work we’ve ever put out as a studio in the last few years.

The industry is constantly evolving. We want to facilitate positive change by delivering more immersive content that will result in players enjoying the most memorable experiences as they play our titles.