Date: 19.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

2024 Asian Gambling Markets: Where to Place Your Bets

In 2024, Asian gambling markets are emerging as lucrative investment opportunities, fueled by economic recovery and evolving regulations. Slotegrator’s insights provide a comprehensive overview of where to focus in this dynamic region.

A Surge in Asian Gambling Markets Post-Pandemic

The Asian economy, renowned for its vibrancy, is making a strong post-pandemic comeback. According to ASEAN’s 2023 report, the region’s economy is expected to expand by 5% in 2024, buoyed by the overall growth. This upswing has a direct impact on the Southeast Asian online gambling market, projected to reach US $1.23 billion in 2024. These promising figures suggest significant opportunities in specific Asian markets.

China: A Complex Giant in Gambling

China, despite stringent regulations, remains a key player in the Asian gambling industry. Gambling is largely illegal, with exceptions in Macau and Hong Kong. Macau, the “Las Vegas of Asia,” focuses on high-stakes gambling, with 2024 revenue forecasts exceeding $26.8 billion. Hong Kong’s gambling scene is dominated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Mainland China offers limited legal gambling options like a national lottery and some sports betting, but strict regulations and player preferences for offshore platforms are notable trends.

Philippines: Fast Recovery and Growth

The Philippines stands out with one of Asia’s fastest post-COVID-19 recoveries in the gaming sector. With a record GGR of PHP 285.27 billion in 2023 and an anticipated rise to PHP 336 billion in 2024, the Philippine gaming industry, guided by regulator PAGCOR, shows remarkable resilience and growth potential.

Japan: A Market with Untapped Potential

Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, is a burgeoning market for gaming. Despite current gambling prohibitions, changes are underway. The legalization of casinos in the form of integrated resorts and the establishment of the Japan Casino Regulatory Commission in 2018 marked a significant shift. With the first gambling resort expected in Osaka by 2030, Japan is on the brink of a gaming revolution.

India: Rapid Growth and Regulatory Changes

India’s gaming market is projected to be worth $8-10 billion annually by 2028. The country’s federal system has led to varied gambling regulations across states. However, significant changes in 2023, including federal-level regulations for online gambling and a flat 28% turnover tax, signal a more unified and secure gambling environment. This regulatory shift makes India an increasingly attractive market for gambling investment.

Conclusion: Diverse Opportunities Across Asian Markets

The Asian gambling market in 2024 presents diverse and dynamic investment opportunities. From China’s high-stakes gambling hubs to the fast-growing sectors in the Philippines, the transformative landscape in Japan, and India’s regulatory shifts, each market offers unique prospects.

Investors and operators eyeing the Asian gambling market must navigate varying regulatory environments and cultural preferences, but the potential rewards are substantial in this rapidly evolving sector.