Date: 08.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

Advantech Unveils Game-Changing Technology at ICE 2024

Advantech and Advantech-Innocore are set to revolutionize the gaming industry at ICE 2024. This year’s exhibit focuses on their expanded DPX® range, showcasing state-of-the-art hardware platforms, graphics cards, digital signage, and display solutions tailored for various gaming markets.

Innovative Gaming Solutions for a Dynamic Market

Advantech proudly displays their comprehensive gaming product lines, meticulously developed for slot machines, betting kiosks, sports betting terminals, and the amusement market. This showcase is more than just a display of products; it’s a testament to Advantech’s commitment to continually deliver world-class gaming experiences. A team of industry experts will be present to demonstrate the seamless integration and reliability of these solutions in real-world gaming environments.

Customized and Off-the-Shelf Gaming Platforms

Advantech stands out with its dual approach, offering both customized and ready-to-use platform solutions. This flexibility is further enhanced by a range of products including cutting-edge graphics cards, LED controllers, innovative storage solutions, digital signage players, and AI toolkits. These offerings demonstrate Advantech’s ability to cater to diverse needs within the gaming industry, providing both bespoke and standardized solutions.

Breaking New Ground with AMD and Intel® Powered Platforms

A major highlight at ICE 2024 is the introduction of new platforms powered by AMD and Intel®, notably in the DPX-S and DPX-M series. The Intel® based DPX-S455 platform, with its high-performance capabilities powered by Intel® 12/13th Generation Core™ technology, includes a full suite of gaming I/O, COMs, SRAM, and robust security features. It’s also GLI11 compliant, ensuring a quick market introduction. The AMD Ryzen™ Embedded R2000 processor-based DPX-M266 is a versatile, modular gaming platform offering enhanced performance and flexibility, ideal for tailored gaming functionalities.

The exhibition also introduces the EAI-3100 graphics card, powered by Intel® Arc™ A370M, offering superior performance and longevity. Alongside, Advantech showcases an extended range of high-performance graphic cards based on Intel, Nvidia, and AMD technologies, as well as a selection of advanced flash products. These include the SQF M.2, SSD with power loss- and write-protect functionality, and industrial DRAM.

Expert Insights from Advantech’s Gaming Division

Keith Watt, Product Sales Manager at Advantech’s Gaming Division, emphasizes the company’s focus on efficiency and effectiveness in content development. He highlights the balance between power and performance while adapting to new technologies. Advantech’s collaborative approach with customers, understanding their needs, and providing solutions to facilitate quicker market access are central to their strategy.

In conclusion, Advantech’s showcase at ICE 2024 is not merely about their latest products; it’s a reflection of their enduring commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer-focused solutions in the gaming industry. As Watt aptly puts it, Advantech is the “hidden force behind the brand,” continuously driving the industry forward with their groundbreaking technologies and support.