by Adam Dworak

AllSported and Betway Forge Expanded Partnership to Enhance Racing Products

In a significant development within the iGaming and betting sector, AllSported, a premier provider of B2B racing trading feeds, has broadened its alliance with the globally recognized online betting and gaming brand, Betway.

This expansion will empower Betway’s horse and greyhound racing offerings, leveraging AllSported’s innovative solution to deliver unparalleled pricing efficiency and extended trading windows across the board.

Strengthening Ties Through Advanced Solutions

This collaboration is not new but an extension of an already fruitful partnership that commenced with the enhancement of Betway’s South African horse racing content, followed by improvements to its greyhound racing services. AllSported’s cutting-edge feed has been instrumental in refining pricing strategies and trading periods, laying the groundwork for this comprehensive partnership.

Under the aegis of Super Group, Betway is set to experience a transformative enhancement across its entire racing portfolio, mirroring the pricing efficiency and margin optimization that have been the cornerstone of its successful engagement with AllSported thus far.

AllSported: Revolutionizing Racing Betting

AllSported stands out as a top-tier provider in the racing trading feed sector, offering an all-encompassing solution that caters to bookmakers’ every need. Specializing in the delivery of precise, low-latency odds, extensive pre-race content, and essential race-day data, AllSported is at the forefront of enabling operators to refine their offerings for heightened customer engagement.

Alan Casey, CEO of AllSported, expressed his enthusiasm about the expanded partnership, stating, “Expanding our partnership with Betway across all racing products is a proud milestone for us. It is a testament to the quality of our offering and the trust we have built during the partnership to date. We love working with Betway and are looking forward to helping them grow their racing product.”

Betway’s Forward-Looking Approach

Echoing the sentiments of collaboration and growth, Anthony Werkman, CEO at Betway, remarked, “We’re very happy to expand our working agreement with AllSported that entrusts them to power both our horseracing and greyhound racing products. We’ve seen the benefits for us and our customers by using AllSported’s data-driven solution and we look forward to consolidating our market presence in these key betting sports.”

Our Comment on the Article

This expanded partnership between AllSported and Betway is more than a business agreement; it’s a strategic move that reflects the evolving dynamics of the iGaming and betting industry. By leveraging AllSported’s specialized solutions, Betway is not just enhancing its racing products but is also setting a new standard in the competitive betting market.

This collaboration is poised to offer an enriched experience to customers, showcasing the power of advanced data-driven solutions in shaping the future of sports betting. As the industry continues to evolve, such partnerships will likely become the benchmarks for innovation and customer satisfaction in the iGaming world.

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