Date: 28.07.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Altenar Celebrates Grand Opening of New Corporate Headquarters in the Isle of Man

Altenar, the renowned sportsbook and iGaming software supplier, marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its larger corporate Headquarters in the Isle of Man.

New headquarters

The highly anticipated event took place at the cutting-edge Cycle 360 House, situated at the prestigious Isle of Man Business Park in Douglas, on Thursday, July 20th.

Leading the charge at the state-of-the-art office is Chief Financial Officer (CFO), John Quaye, who joined the company in July 2022, bringing his expertise and vision to drive the company’s growth.

The new headquarters will accommodate Altenar’s legal, compliance, and finance teams, providing ample space for expansion and an opportunity to invest in training local talent as an ICAEW accredited training employer.

The recent opening comes on the heels of Altenar’s continuous global expansion efforts, solidifying its presence on the island and within the industry.

Another chapter

In response to the unveiling of the new offices, CFO John Quaye expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “With the opening of our new offices, we embark on the next exciting chapter of growth in the Altenar story. The investment we’ve made gives our dedicated employees first-class facilities and supports our aim to further expand our workforce in the Isle of Man. We are committed to providing comfortable and positive working environments across the entire Altenar group, encouraging in-person interactions among our employees to foster innovative solutions in a post-COVID-19 world.”

The inauguration of the new corporate headquarters reflects Altenar’s commitment to innovation, growth, and creating an inspiring work environment for its team. The company continues to make strides in the dynamic sportsbook and iGaming industry, embracing the future with optimism and ambition.

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