Date: 10.05.2024

by Adam Dworak

Altenar Expands into Greece with B2B Licence Acquisition

Altenar has achieved a significant milestone by securing a B2B licence in Greece. With an existing office in Athens, Altenar’s acquisition of a licence from the Hellenic Gaming Commission solidifies its foothold in Greece.

This licensure not only expands Altenar’s portfolio but also signifies its commitment to complying with regulatory standards in diverse jurisdictions.

Unlocking New Opportunities

Altenar’s expertise spans over 50 countries with legalized gambling, and the addition of a Greek licence opens doors to new opportunities in the region. The seven-year validity of the licence provides a stable foundation for Altenar to offer its services in Greece, contributing to the company’s growth and market expansion strategy.

Greece’s Booming Online Betting Market

The Greek online betting market has experienced significant growth following the introduction of a new regulatory framework. With tax revenues expected to reach €540,000,000 this year and the creation of numerous job opportunities, Greece has emerged as a success story in the iGaming industry.

Insights from Altenar’s Compliance Manager

Marina Zacharopoulou, Compliance Manager at Altenar, highlighted the rigorous process of obtaining the Greek licence. “The process of obtaining a licence for Altenar was rigorous, albeit familiar due to our experience with similar procedures in other jurisdictions. While we encountered typical challenges along the way, we navigated them smoothly.

“Achieving a Greek licence holds special significance for Altenar, as a considerable portion of our team is Greek, making it feel like a homecoming. Personally, I believe that Greece’s historical connection to games of chance, evident in the popularity of gambling in ancient times and the presence of deities like Tyche, adds cultural resonance to our licensure.

“Securing our presence in Greece through licensure not only demonstrates our commitment to regulatory compliance but also positions us to capitalise on the country’s expanding market.”

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