by Antoni Majewski

Banijay Dives into Sports Entertainment with New Division “Banijay Sports”

Banijay, a leading media and entertainment company, has announced a major expansion into sports entertainment with the launch of its new division, “Banijay Sports.

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This move, revealed by CEO Marco Bassetti at Content London 2023, aims to enhance the group’s presence in sportainment, documentaries, and digital content. Banijay Sports will focus on forming new partnerships, content investments, and mergers and acquisitions, steering clear of broadcast and streaming rights.

Growing Demand in Sports Industry

The sports industry, set to see rights values surpass $60 billion in 2024, presents a lucrative opportunity that Banijay is eager to capitalize on. Bassetti highlighted the genre’s compatibility with Banijay’s content and distribution operations, noting the increasing client demand in this sector. This strategic expansion is set to bolster the company’s existing global efforts in sports-related documentaries and digital content.

Banijay’s Sports Portfolio

The company has already made significant strides in the sports genre, producing notable documentaries like “That Peter Crouch Film,” “Human Playground,” “Tyson Bruno,” “La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos,” “Warnie,” “Daum,” and the upcoming “Four Kings.” Banijay Benelux houses Southfields, a leading Dutch sports player, known for its coverage and documentaries, including “All-in team Jumbo Visma.” Furthermore, Banijay Iberia recently launched LaLiga Studios for sports content production, and Endemol France acquired Puzzle Media, famed for “Riding Zone.”

Centralized Division for Enhanced Delivery

With Banijay Sports as a centralized division, the company aims to build value in the sports entertainment space. This centralization will enable Banijay to forge more partnerships, increase content volume, explore digital opportunities, and scale the group. Banijay CEO Marco Bassetti emphasizes the importance of concentrating efforts to maximize value creation in the sports sector.

Collaboration with Balich Wonder Studio

Banijay’s recent venture into live events via Balich Wonder Studio complements its sports division. Banijay Sports will collaborate with Balich Wonder Studio to explore alternative content opportunities in institutional ceremonies and large-scale sporting events.

Engaging Youth and Fan Bases

As Banijay intensifies its direct-to-consumer digital activities, the sports division will provide a direct channel to substantial fan bases and youth demographics. This strategic move positions Banijay to tap into the growing sports entertainment market, leveraging its extensive production expertise and global network.

Our Comment on the Article

Banijay’s foray into sports entertainment with “Banijay Sports” represents a strategic move to leverage the booming sports industry. By combining its expertise in content creation with the growing demand for sports entertainment, Banijay is poised to create a new niche in sportainment. This expansion not only diversifies Banijay’s portfolio but also aligns with the evolving consumer preferences towards sports-related content.

The integration of digital opportunities and collaborations with existing divisions like Balich Wonder Studio underscores Banijay’s innovative approach to content creation. As the sports entertainment landscape continues to grow, Banijay’s venture into this realm could significantly enhance its global footprint and influence in the media and entertainment industry.

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