by Antoni Majewski

BEGE 2023: A Landmark Event for Merkur Gaming and the Eastern European iGaming Market

The Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo (BEGE) 2023 in Sofia, a key B2B gaming trade fair in Eastern Europe, concluded with remarkable success.

Merkur Gaming Set to Shine at BEGE Expo in Sofia

Held on November 22-23, the event attracted around 85 exhibitors, including industry giant Merkur Gaming, showcasing their latest innovations in the thriving gambling landscape.

Merkur Gaming’s Showcase

Merkur Gaming, one of the largest exhibitors at BEGE, displayed a diverse and robust product portfolio. The company introduced new jackpot systems like Merkur Mystery, Solar Link, and Five, along with the enhanced Link Zone II. The Zonic Trio cabinets, featuring the new multigame package M-Prime, drew significant attention with their innovative player interface, new game titles, and immersive sound and animation enhancements.

Collaborative Presence

Joining Merkur Gaming were GeWeTe with their cutting-edge cash handling solutions and Merkur eSolutions, presenting a 360-degree approach to integrating land-based and online gaming experiences.

Prestigious Recognition

A highlight for Merkur Gaming was receiving the “Most Successful Foreign Company of The Year” award from the Association of the organisers of games and activities in Bulgaria (AOGGAB). This accolade reflects Merkur’s long-standing commitment and success in the Bulgarian market.

Global Success and Future Prospects

Athanasios “Sakis” Isaakidis, reflecting on 2023, highlighted: ”The exhibition year 2023 can be considered a success for Merkur Gaming in every respect. After the pandemic-related break, the return of ICE in London at the beginning of the year and the subsequent trade fairs, for example in Bucharest, Lima and Las Vegas, proved to be particularly successful. Throughout the year, we had profitable discussions with our existing customers, established new business relationships, and thus further strengthened our market position in both Europe and America. We are already eagerly starting to plan for the upcoming trade fair year 2024.”

Our Comment on the Article

BEGE 2023 stands as a testament to the resilience and dynamism of the Eastern European iGaming industry, with Merkur Gaming at the forefront. The event not only showcased technological advancements and innovative solutions but also celebrated the collaborative spirit of the industry. Merkur Gaming’s recognition and ambitious plans signal a bright future for the iGaming sector, emphasizing the importance of continuous innovation and market engagement in this fast-paced industry.

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