Date: 19.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

bet365 Expands Opta-Powered Player and Team Stats Bets Across Elite Football Competitions

Leading sports betting platform, bet365, is set to enhance its offerings by introducing Opta-powered player and team statistics bets across a broader spectrum of elite football competitions in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

bet365 Expands Opta-Powered Player and Team Stats Bets Across Elite Football Competitions iGamingExpress

This expansion is made possible through an augmentation of supplier Stats Perform’s acclaimed Opta data feed, designed specifically to support trusted player and team statistics betting. This data feed is now accessible for an additional 19 elite competitions, equating to over 3,000 extra matches annually.

Broadened Coverage for Enhanced Betting Experience

This enhancement means that licensed sportsbooks can now present Opta-powered player and team stats markets for nearly double the previous coverage, encompassing more than 7,000 matches annually in total. This strategic move is expected to fuel further growth and captivate bettors with every detail of the game, from shots and passes to tackles.

Stats markets have breathed new life into football betting in recent years, largely driven by Opta’s substantial investment and their reputable brand. These markets play a pivotal role in popular betting formats such as same-game multis.

The Significance of Stats Markets

Andrew Ashenden, Chief Betting Officer at Stats Perform, expressed his views on this development, stating, “Collecting and supplying Opta data for an additional 3,000 new matches to the standard required for frictionless, trusted player stats betting experiences is the culmination of months of work from our expert teams. This effort reinforces our commitment to helping operators innovate and create compelling, personalized products that their customers love. We are delighted that this ambition has been recognized by bet365, who have added these new competitions to their offering at the earliest opportunity.”

In addition to the extended Opta data feed coverage, Stats Perform has introduced key tools to elevate the overall betting experience:

  • Opta Trading Viewer: This tool assists sportsbook trading teams in optimizing their trading, pricing, and settlement workflows for stats markets, ultimately enhancing customer experiences.
  • Same Game Multi Assistant: Hosted within Stats Perform’s Content Player Pro, this application aids bettors in identifying in-form players across more than 15+ stats categories, spanning 250+ global leagues. It provides crucial information to help bettors make informed decisions on stats markets, including those linked to same-game multis, bet builders, and pre-canned multis.

Ashenden concluded, “Our trusted, premium Opta player and team data have injected substantial growth into a mature football betting experience, in a way few believed possible. It has helped sportsbook operators unlock new customer segments, reinvent betting entertainment, and significantly contribute to margins, all while creating trusted betting experiences that are exceptionally popular with users.

Leading global sportsbooks, like bet365, choose Opta data for modeling, managing, and trading these markets, tracking them in real-time on their front end, and for settlement. We are proud to be at the forefront of such innovation, grateful to our teams for their consistently high-quality work, and to our licensed sportsbook partners like bet365 for their creativity and support. What’s more, this is still only the beginning of our ambitions to grow the space even further.”