Date: 28.09.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:48

BETBY Elevates Sportsbook Experience with Combo Freebets Feature

BETBY, the trailblazing sportsbook supplier, continues to innovate by introducing its latest feature, Combo Freebets.

BETBY Elevates Sportsbook Experience with Combo Freebets Feature iGamingExpress

This enhancement is poised to elevate the sports betting experience, offering a boost in turnover and improved customer retention.

Empowering Bettors with Combo Freebets

Combo Freebets, BETBY’s newest addition, is designed to cater to the evolving needs of sports bettors. This feature rewards winning combination bets, a favorite among sports enthusiasts due to the potential for substantial winnings from modest stakes. It’s a game-changer that amplifies the excitement of sports betting.

Freebets can be applied to any sporting event or competition, making it universally appealing. Its customizability also allows operators to target specific user segments, making it a valuable tool for retention initiatives and customer acquisition campaigns. This versatility enhances its strategic value.

Elevating the Sportsbook Experience

BETBY’s sportsbook offering is already a leader in the industry, and the addition of Combo Freebets further cements its position. With a sharp focus on user experience (UX), innovative widgets, and access to over 700,000 competitions, it continues to be a preferred choice across regulated markets worldwide. Tier-one partners benefit from its cutting-edge features.

Aglaja Geta, Senior Product Owner at Betby, emphasizes the importance of providing an engaging sports betting experience stating “There is no denying that bettors are always seeking a more engaging experience when using any sports betting platform, and we pride ourselves on providing innovation and excitement within our product suite. Combo Freebets will greatly enhance the enjoyment and thrill of placing these bets, and we are certain that we will see an uplift in engagement.”

Combo Freebets is a testament to BETBY’s commitment to innovation and excitement in their product suite. With this new feature, the thrill of placing combination bets is set to reach new heights, promising increased engagement and satisfaction for sports bettors.

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