Date: 14.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:41

BETBY Welcomes Pierre Pulis as New Head of Marketing

Pierre Pulis has recently joined BETBY, an innovative sportsbook supplier, as the new Head of Marketing.

BETBY Welcomes Pierre Pulis as New Head of Marketing

With a robust background in large-scale marketing and communication projects, Pulis brings a wealth of experience to the table. His recent role at BtoBet, NeoGames’ B2B sports betting division, showcased his ability to manage and execute complex marketing strategies effectively.

Pulis’s Experience and Role

Pulis’s career spans over 15 years in various senior positions, including a significant stint as an editor in the online and offline media industry.

This diverse background has equipped him with a comprehensive skill set and deep industry knowledge. In his role at BETBY, Pulis will lead strategic marketing initiatives, focusing on enhancing brand awareness and driving forward the company’s growth strategy for 2024 and beyond.

Leadership and Future Plans

Commenting on his appointment, Pulis expressed his excitement, stating “I am thrilled to be joining BETBY in the role of Head of Marketing. BETBY is continually enhancing its reputation in the industry, and I am very excited to be leading such a talented marcomms team which is poised to make significant contributions to BETBY’s ongoing success.”

Leonid Pertsovskiy, CEO of BETBY, praised Pulis for his in-depth market knowledge, stating “With strong experience of the B2B sports betting landscape, Pierre has in-depth knowledge of the market and has established long-standing relations with industry friends, whilst also bringing with him a wealth of experience and creativity. We are delighted to have him lead on our marketing projects as we look for further growth in 2024.”

Our Comment on the Article

Pierre Pulis’s appointment as Head of Marketing at BETBY marks a significant step for the company in reinforcing its marketing efforts. His extensive experience and proven track record in the industry position him as an ideal leader to navigate BETBY through its ambitious growth strategies.

This move signifies BETBY’s commitment to not only maintaining but also enhancing its position in the competitive sportsbook market. With Pulis at the helm of marketing, BETBY is poised for innovative campaigns and a stronger brand presence in the coming years.