by Antoni Majewski

BetConstruct Celebrates a Decade at ICE London with Groundbreaking iGaming and Crypto Solutions

BetConstruct marks its tenth year of participation in ICE London, poised to unveil a new concept that embodies transforming aspirations into tangible business solutions. ICE London, a prestigious iGaming event, is a platform where dreams transition into success stories, and BetConstruct is set to demonstrate this ethos.

Under the slogan “It’s Your Dream,” BetConstruct commits to turning ambitious visions into thriving realities. This approach, characterized by a delicate yet confident tone, positions BetConstruct as a hub where dreams are crafted into success.

Innovative Products Bridging iGaming and Crypto

BetConstruct will showcase innovative products that merge the realms of iGaming and cryptocurrency. Highlights include the Multi-Wallet solution for managing crypto and fiat wallets, custom-made tokens developed on Bahamut, and the Cryptocurrency platform featuring multiple crypto integrations and game collections. Additionally, the company will present BetChain, a crypto-oriented front-end platform designed for personalization.

Comprehensive Solutions and Services

As a leading technology and service provider, BetConstruct will display its comprehensive offerings. These include an expansive Sportsbook covering over 120 sports types, the powerful Casino Suite, and award-winning games from the B.F.T.H. Arena Best FTN Game Awards. The upcoming Ortakh initiative and B.F.T.H. Arena’24 details will also be featured.

One of the main spotlights will be on the innovative Dream Package, an all-encompassing solution that integrates BetConstruct’s popular products, offering an ideal package for E-commerce businesses.

ICE London 2024: A Global Stage for iGaming

Scheduled for February 6-8, ICE London is set to attract over 40,000 attendees from 150 countries, providing a premier stage for industry leaders to shape the future of iGaming.

BetConstruct invites attendees to join them at Stand S4-110 at ICE London 2024 to celebrate a decade of participation and explore new business opportunities, especially in the field of crypto solutions.

Our Comment on the Article

BetConstruct’s decade-long journey at ICE London reflects its dedication to innovation and its ability to stay ahead in the fast-evolving iGaming industry. The company’s focus on integrating iGaming with the emerging crypto market demonstrates a forward-thinking approach that aligns with current industry trends. This blend of traditional gaming solutions with modern technological advancements positions BetConstruct as a leader in shaping the future of online gaming and cryptocurrency applications.

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