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BetConstruct Celebrates Innovation at B.F.T.H. Arena Best FTN Game Awards

BetConstruct, a prominent name in gaming software development, recently hosted the B.F.T.H. Arena Best FTN Game Awards at the Harmony Meetup 4.0 on December 13th.

This illustrious event, attracting over 500 industry entrepreneurs, celebrated excellence in iGaming across various categories.

Honoring Excellence in iGaming

The award ceremony recognized outstanding achievements in several key categories:

  • Best Online Casino Game: RubyPlay with Immortal Ways Mr. First
  • Best Game Storytelling: MG Live with Almighty Mr. First
  • Best Game Design: TokaCity with FTN Arena
  • Best Bahamut Game: Blockstars with Super First
  • Best FTN Casino Games: Evolution with FTN Crazy Time and Fazi with Mr. First’s Cryptonium

In addition to the main awards, RubyPlay’s “Immortal Ways Mr. First” and Pragmatic Play’s “Gates of FTN” were selected as B.F.T.H.’s Favorites, highlighting their unique appeal and innovation in the gaming sector.

A Showcase of Creativity and Innovation

The B.F.T.H. Arena Awards, gaining significant attention from over 50 game providers, underscored the creativity and innovation thriving in the gaming industry. The impressive prize pool of 3,333,000 FTN, equivalent to over 4 million euros, was set aside to promote the winning games.

To ensure worldwide recognition for the 2023 winners, BetConstruct collaborated with 25 influencers and streamers across various regions, including Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Southern Asia. This global outreach strategy aims to amplify the success of the B.F.T.H. Arena winners.

Harmony Meetup 4.0: A Platform for Industry Leaders

Harmony Meetup 4.0, hosting the B.F.T.H. Arena Awards, facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas among over 500 industry leaders on the latest developments in iGaming and Web3. The event fostered collaboration and connections among top minds in the industry.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback, BetConstruct is planning to make the B.F.T.H. Arena Awards an annual fixture in the iGaming calendar. The next event is scheduled for June 2024, with details on the intriguing Ortakh project to be revealed in January.

Our Comment on the Article

BetConstruct’s B.F.T.H. Arena Best FTN Game Awards stands as a testament to the thriving innovation and creativity in the iGaming industry.

Recognizing excellence in various gaming categories not only highlights the achievements of individual companies but also propels the industry forward by setting new benchmarks.

The decision to make this an annual event demonstrates BetConstruct’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing talent within the iGaming sector, further enhancing its role as a leader in driving industry innovation.

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