Date: 08.02.2024

by Mateusz Mazur

BetConstruct Partners with Koralplay to Strengthen Presence in France and Africa

BetConstruct, a prominent technology solutions provider in the iGaming industry, has announced a strategic partnership with Koralplay, aiming to enhance its influence in France and extend its reach across the African markets.

This collaboration marks a significant step in BetConstruct’s global expansion efforts and aligns with Koralplay’s expertise in delivering omnichannel technology solutions in various African countries.

Strategic Alliance for Market Expansion

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Koralplay brings to the table a deep understanding of the African markets, offering specialized solutions for sports betting, gaming, and lottery operators.

David Ozararat, BetConstruct’s President for French EMEA, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating “We are happy to distribute our technology through a partnership with Koralplay in the African continent where our presence is growing continuously. Our products and services are designed to meet those market’s expectations and our ambitions in Africa are strong.”

Alexandre Paque, CEO of Koralplay, emphasized the importance of strong partnerships. “In its comprehensive 360-degree approach, Koralplay continues to enhance its specialized offerings tailored to the unique needs and challenges of African markets through strong partnerships with industry leaders.”

Mutual Benefits and Enhanced Solutions

The partnership between BetConstruct and Koralplay is expected to be mutually beneficial, expanding the reach of both companies and bringing innovative changes to the iGaming landscape. Operators associated with both companies will now have access to improved solutions, ensuring a better gaming experience for end-users.

BetConstruct’s collaboration with Koralplay underscores its commitment to innovation and its openness to forging alliances with other B2B companies. This partnership is a testament to BetConstruct’s dedication to providing top-quality solutions for operators and signifies its ongoing efforts to deliver the best offerings in the industry.

Our Comment on the Article

The strategic alliance between BetConstruct and Koralplay represents a significant milestone in the iGaming industry, particularly for the French and African markets. By leveraging Koralplay’s expertise and BetConstruct’s innovative technology solutions, this partnership is set to enhance the gaming experience for operators and players alike.

As BetConstruct continues to expand its global footprint, collaborations like this one underscore the company’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of the iGaming community and its commitment to driving the industry forward with cutting-edge solutions.