by Antoni Majewski

BetConstruct Software Glitch Disrupts Betting Operations

Since Thursday, February 15th, betting operators utilizing software from BetConstruct have been grappling with severe technical issues. The glitch has resulted in the cessation of pre-match odds updates and has rendered live betting options inaccessible, causing widespread disruption in the betting industry.

Unprecedented Technical Challenges

Betting operators who rely on BetConstruct’s software solutions have encountered an unexpected hurdle this week. The technical difficulties began abruptly on Thursday, leaving many in the industry scrambling to find workarounds. The inability to update pre-match odds and offer live betting has not only inconvenienced bettors but also threatened the revenue streams of these operators during a crucial betting period.

The affected companies share a common thread – their dependence on software provided by BetConstruct. This company’s solutions are built upon Microsoft’s infrastructure, suggesting that the root cause of the glitch might be deeply embedded within the system’s architecture.

Unfulfilled Promises of a Swift Resolution

In the wake of the crisis, BetConstruct issued statements assuring its clients that the issue would be resolved within a matter of hours:

Our team has already identified the root cause of the issue by closely collaborating with our partners from Microsoft and now is working earnestly on resolving the consequences of the arisen issue.

You can expect the issue to be completely fixed within the next 6-7 hours. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we’re committed to keeping you informed through regular updates. – stated the company in question.

However, as of the morning of Friday, February 16th, the promised fix has yet to materialize. The ongoing technical problems continue to plague operators.

Implications for the Betting Industry

The technical glitch affecting BetConstruct’s software has sent ripples through the betting industry, emphasizing the need for technological resilience and reliability. As operators await a resolution, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges and complexities inherent in the digital infrastructure that underpins modern betting operations.

As the situation develops, the industry will be watching closely to see how BetConstruct addresses the problem and what measures will be implemented to prevent future occurrences.

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